Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The 08 Retrospective...Part 2

Hey blog, no need for long introductions.  We might have shared too much in yesterday's intro, anyway. 

If only he were wearing a kilt, Kevin would be off the 'marry Jess' duties

Frightened Rabbit - Oh my favorite Scots, besides Bobby Clark!  I heard Good Arms vs. Bad Arms on KEXP and fell hard.  These four guys have made my musical year and are my favorite new discovery.  After picking up Midnight Organ Fight and seeing them live, I grabbed Sing the Greys during a trip to Austin.  Then saw them twice more this year.  Now just to get my hands on a ticket to their Bowery show in January.  Brutally honest and at times heart-wrenching lyrics about break-up from a man that reminded me of Adam Duritz with a Scottish accent on first listen.  (Note to self:  that was a really bad idea to play Keep Yourself Warm, while driving through Maine with Dad.  You know he loves lyrics and those aren’t the best to sing along with your parents in the car...even if it’s so true.)  Grant’s drumming is my favorite part of their live show and I make sure that I’m in the perfect position.  (I think my camera scares Andy, and I don't even use flash anymore.)

Frightened Rabbit - The Twist (recorded live by me at Piano's in May)

My Velocity Trivia Party Teammates...Damn those Georgetown Cheaters

(yes, Luke's eyes are closed...as usual)

Ebele Throws a Birthday Party - No one throws a birthday party like Ebele.  This one made my weekend.  And I miss my seat buddy, who now lives in Chicago.  

I heart this album

Oracular Spectacular - I always seemed to have tickets to another show or was out of town when they were playing, but this album is one of my favorites of the year.  And this sky-rocketed to the top of my list of albums for certain activities that Luke and I always like to laugh and bicker over.  

MGMT - Destrokk (If you're late to the MGMT game, you missed this gem from their EP.)

One of many, many photos taken on the balcony that night

The Hammer Wedding - My ND Managers regrouped in Boston for Brian’s wedding in early June and it was great to see everyone, especially in dress clothes, rather than our athletic department issued sweats.

Everything Absent or Distorted - I learned about this band after selling my extra ticket to The National on craigslist to the band’s drummer.  The Soft Civil War is one of my favorite albums to listen to on my way out of the city on an early morning.  They just released a new album in December that I need to pay some attention to.  (And if they google themselves again, they are not allowed to pick on me or their band member for this post.  I get quite self-conscious.)  Buried in Guitar is my favorite song from this album, but it's all good :)

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