Monday, January 5, 2009

The 08 Retrospective...Part 1

Hey blog--maybe I’m back again, we’ll see.  We had a really good stretch and everything seemed right from the end of February until the end of July.  We shared lots of good music, some random things on the internets, and my friends loved how our little inside joke of another one of my websites got some very minor attention.  Then came my plate throwing phase in the early fall followed by my Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness.  (Billy Corgan, I loved you during your Zwan days, too.  Dommie can vouch for me. )  

Here’s hoping that my mood picks up again in the new year.  Besides, my favorite Canadian might not call me anymore, but he does check the blog and our favorite correspondents across the country have been hitting some shows and are ready to report.  Plus, I have months of music in my inbox to listen’s time to get back on track.

And since I can’t stand the thought of doing one of those top cd lists from the last year, here’s some of the things that made me (maybe even us) smile or added a little kick to my step this year.  We’re splitting this into installments throughout the week, as the list kept growing and growing, so you can come back for more.   

The National Play MSG in June

Randomly Meeting Matt Berninger of The National on my favorite bench in Central Park - If I had ever questioned karma before, I was convinced of its existence after this day (there's more background than I want to share at this moment).  We chatted for a bit on the bench before I excused myself and grabbed another bench, lest I turn into a crazy stalker girl.  They are my favorite band and if I gave you their cd and you didn’t like it, I may never trust your taste in music again.  They are starting to work on their next CD, which means they might be at Peter Katis’s studios in Connecticut soon!  I love you my favorite band and am looking forward to the benefit at Carnegie!!

Brett is usually this excitable, especially when beer is involved

Brett guest stars on - This was a delicious bit of internet TV as Brett guests to discuss beer with Gary Vaynerchuk!  Bonus points to Brett for climbing into bed with everyone in my house after the holiday party, being an entertaining companion on Mother's Day when everyone else had plans, loving The Loom, and introducing us to The Seascape.  Once they’re of legal age, we’ll see them live :)

Britt Daniels - Bring it on Home to Me (cover) - So what if this came out last year.  It can make me happy and sing like a soulstress from the 60s, as long as no one is in my car to listen to me :)

Daddy Hak, Kupper, me and Woody outside the best little piece of Texas in NYC

Woody Comes to NYC for 24 Hours! - This one deserves an exclamation point.  The more spontaneous my friends are, the better!  And nothing is as fantastic as deciding to fly to NYC for a Texas Independence Party just a few days before.  We had a rain-drenched day in the city, before ending up on the Upper West Side.  

The painting at the last Cloud Cult show

Cloud Cult - Oh The Kelly 

Sept. 07  

The Jessi:  “Should I go see this band?”

The Kelly:  “They’re kinda weird and they paint on stage Jessi.”

The Jessi;  “Okay, Notre Dame game it is.”

Fast forward to the spring, City Jeff adores this band and I drag The Jody to the show.  Ever since then, all she can talk about is the painting they do on stage.  Meanwhile, I cry whenever I listen to The Meaning of 8.  (Thank you Adam Perry, for talking to me when I make the mistake of listening to this while driving and just need to get home.)  I saw them again this fall after flying back from San Francisco and City Jeff even bought one of the paintings for his apartment.  Take that The Jody!

A Bobcat reunion in San Antonio

My Fake Big Brothers Around the Country - It’s hard not to feel loved when the big brothers check in on me, try to protect me from the evil boys of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and are there for me when everything goes to hell.  I love you and would be lost without you.  

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SARAHSPY said...

i was at the cloud cult show where they painted that. was neat to see!