Friday, June 5, 2009

Ica Ica Er!

Sometimes you leave the internets where everyone knows your name and go to one where only one person knows that name. Leaving the blogger world for fresher pastures elsewhere. Maybe you'll know where to find me ;)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Whiskey Bar

I should know better by now.  As the band I went to see finished, I debated about staying for the last band.  As I saw the guy with the saxophone, I feared that it was going to be like DMB, but I've seen some awesome multi-instrumental bands in Brooklyn.  However, this was Jersey and the 6 or 7 guys in their thirties should've definitely clued me into the fact that they were nothing but a DMB imitation band.  I left before the third line of the song.  

Fortunately, the banjo in 6 Day Bender was a wild card that enhanced the second half of their set.  They debated about starting with that sound or adding it later and the banjo was almost as fantastic as the grizzly mountain men with thick curly hair. 

Monday, May 18, 2009

Captain Peg Leg

Tonight I fell for the third time this month.  While the other two involved falling backwards and resulted in some bruising, I fell up the cement steps and have been bleeding for four hours.  (And as much as I like self-portraits, this is one that you won't be seeing :) )

When did I take Kelly's spot as the clumsy one?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm Covered in Acrylics..

and trailing paint throughout the house.  I've given up on getting the paint off my body over the last few days, but at least it had been contained to me.  Now it's all over the kitchen, living room, my new running shorts, and my macbook.  

Painting should be finished this weekend, then its either another canvas or time for some serious scrubbing.  

Sunday, May 10, 2009

It was a Good Day

The flowers are starting to bloom in the Park!

If I'm not trying to solve my problems in the pool, I'm often singing to myself (in my head, people), and Friday's song was Ice Cube's "It Was a Good Day."  Not sure if I was doing the clean or dirty version--and who the hell gave me the clean version in college?  It wasn't until GTA San Andreas was playing at Paul's and I was rapping along using the clean version when he almost fell out of his seat.  The song was at least right about the whole weekend--well the title of the song.  I never really have to use my AK* in Connecticut or get to watch Yo! MTV Raps.

I'm exhausted and can hardly move, so here's a wrap-up:

-Swam, ran, wined on Friday
-Started massive painting project to cover Roses
-City on Saturday
-Massive humidity=sweaty, big haired Jessi
-Lunch with Randi, met her roomie and we people watched for hours on the West side
-Celebrity sighting!!  Richard Kind from Spin City.  
-Lost in the galleries in Chelsea.  Jeff Bark's show at Charles Cowles brought me down, but I was soon lost amid the constant in and out through the exhibitions.  Still hoping the inspiration lasts long enough to get some new stuff on my walls.  (Picking photos for printing later this week--will need lots of opinions.) 
-Dropped off the shirt that's been haunting me for the last week and had drinks with Perry in Hoboken, where the sun was actually out, watched it set and the sky turn that fantastic mix of colors that I love so much and almost makes me believe in something bigger than us.  
-Woke up early to make a video for my mom, complete with call-in from my brother.  Finally finished it and called her and Gams to wish them a Happy Mother's Day 6 1/2 hours away.
-Caught up with fake brother, Eric, for the fifth time this weekend.  If we ever figure out our love lives, I don't know what we'll have to talk about.
-Lots of painting--updated one of our coffee tables, hung an old painting in the kitchen, changed the frame on a canvas and continued the Roses project--not sure if I like it yet, but I've got lots of layers to paint still.  
-Super domestic day:  moved our furniture, filled in some holes on the walls and even did some plumbing!
-Another day of running and swimming.  Is it possible for my body to love and hate me so much at the same time?
-Capped it off with some Thai, calls with my favorite girls and am waiting for Jer to come home.  Screw Jer.  Bedtime here I come.  Eh, that boy always comes home right when I'm ready to go to sleep.  It's usually worth it, though.  

Someone call me and get me out of bed to run at 7.  Brownies to whoever actually does it anytime this week. 

*Did I really just joke about having an AK?  I've spent too much time with Republicans lately.  I hate guns.    

It's White House Correspondents Dinner Weekend!

Ever since Colbert hosted, I always look forward to waking up the morning after white house correspondent's dinner to check out the videos.  It brightens my morning news reading.  (I've been hearing lots of jokes this weekend about the fact that I don't get out of bed until 8 am each morning.  Now, if I still read actual newspapers, I would have to throw on the robe right away, sneak down the driveway hoping not to flash anyone, make some tea and sit on my back patio to read the papers, giving myself black hand.  Instead, I fire up the internet, read the morning's stories and don't have to get out of bed until closer to 8:30.)

What I'd forgotten about was how funny Obama and McCain were at the Alfred E Smith Dinner in the fall.  (Sidenote to all those ND protestors.  The New York (Arch)Bishop honored both McCain and Obama in the fall.  Quit protesting.  I'm sick of it and will take your graduation tickets to listen to him.  You might not be complaining if you had to sit through Dick Lugar's nuclear position statement as your commencement address.)  While we used to get a few funny moments with W, Obama was eager to kick off the show before letting Wanda take over.  

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not so Sunny, San Diego Photos

I'm back from San Diego, have gone through my photos and finally removed the blur on all the photos from the bit of fuzz that invaded my camera body sometime in San Diego.   After a few wonderfully hot and sunny days, the weather turned cloudy when Sis rolled into town.  With no opportunity for a serious tan, she and I decided to turn each new beach and cliff into a bizarre photo shoot.  The parents were ready to ground us at the point that we started doing weird senior photos--we are way too old to pass for high schoolers.  Fortunately for me, Sis has no idea how to work a focus ring, so mine are too blurry to share.  

Running family vacation joke:  Dad ran a lighthouse in a past life; we're still trying to figure out which one it was.  I insist that he pose in front of them on every trip.  
Brenda is a 24 year old high school senior.  

Scariest spot for lunch EVER, although quite the interesting view of Blacks Beach.  

Monday, May 4, 2009

Fantastic Lineup at Last Night's Dark was the Night Benefit

In terms of charity concerts, last night's show blew the socks off the Tibet benefit from a few months ago--it was just an incredible group of artists, plus the show kept moving at a good pace.  But first things first, let's talk about the We Are the World moment that closes charity concerts.  There might be nothing that leaves me so embarrassed for someone else as the final group closing song.   I'm always throwing my head in my hands and muttering, is this really happening?  Last night's version was the epitome of this.  About 15 indie kids clustered on the corner of the stage with their acoustic guitars and decided to sing a Seeger song, as down the Street, another group of musicians was celebrating Pete Seeger's 90th birthday at MSG.  They broke into an acoustic version of "This Land is Your Land."  There was laughter throughout the crowd, while others tried to get into the moment and sing along.  Then Sharon Jones returned to the stage, stopped the performance and broke into a rousing performance along with her Dap Kings.  Best We Are the World fake-out ever.

I was psyched to see Bon Iver, The National and Feist, while Isaac couldn't wait to see My Brightest Diamond and The National, and other J Lau was up for the experience and the chance to check out some new bands.  The show was awesome; there was often a huge smile on my face as different artists joined the bands--no one loves performing with everyone else as much as Justin Vernon--his guitar work on Blood Bank and a new song by The National had me ready to jump out of my seat, while his duet with Feist brought tears to my eyes.  He was just as welcoming during his set as My Brightest Diamond joined them on Flume and The National joined for another song.  

But nothing is as fantastic as finally getting to see David Byrne live, let alone have him perform 4 songs that he has never done live, bringing an awesome drum line on stage with him.  After telling the guy sitting next to us that Byrne is responsible for my dancing as four year old me would imitate his videos as I watched intently on MTV, I was happy to hear him later say that he's still got his moves.  Isaac fell in love with Dirty Projectors, although his heart already belongs to My Brightest Diamond.  David Sitek won me over with his stage presence, the hand claps from his chorus, the fuzz from the bass, and the horns.  You can't go wrong with hand claps and horns!  And for a horn loving girl, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings blew me away and made the night for other J Lau.  

Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's Time to Get Rid of Luke's Ugly Roses

Since Jeremy is moving out and taking his delightfully cheesy album covers and original nude art with him, it's time to paint over the Rose painting that Brown Guy left us.  I haven't painted canvases in over a year, but I'm ready to break out the brushes to cover this monstrosity.  It hangs in our crazily over-sized kitchen, which is bigger than some one bedrooms in New York, and we need something this large to break up the wall.  

Would love some suggestions for color combinations.  It's time to make my townhouse into a slightly more adult apartment.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Great. Now my hometown is known for having a panty thief

It's official, I'm no longer from Ohio.  Someone please construct a backstory for my first 18 years.  Preferably somewhere fun on the east coast or somewhere exotic.  

Kelly was texting me about this story last night, then I found the story online today.  Fortunately, I have Nick from home keeping me posted on the gossipy details of my former hometown.  :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Mood at BRUUUUUCE Had as Many Highs and Lows as a Drive Through the PA Countryside

After a highly entertaing/successfull trip to see The Boss in Jersey last summer, we were looking forward to another fun trek, this time to Philly. Should've known this day would be different since the sand storms and rain from our last trip never surfaced. Who would've known that I'd someday hope for horrible weather as a sign of an awesome set list?

We snuck out of work early and made the trek to Philly, set up a very small tailgate with the customary one chair that no one ends up sitting in out of politeness. (Note to self: really need to get a grill and more chairs before the next one.) Great to see everyone at the show though and I think I'll be framing the photo...maybe after photoshopping a bluish sky into the background.

As for the show itself, Jody from Philly, put it best. It's really awesome if you're a die-hard Springsteen fan who has NEVER gotten to hear some of songs from the earlier albums or the more folky offerings of Nebraska. For those of us who love to dance (I seriously didn't get to do any white girl dancing), sing-a-long and yell BRUUUUUUCE. It wasn't as awesome. Jods also was right about the E Street Band being fantastic, as long as you didn't look at the TV screen and see Patti slowly strumming that blue guitar, causing a Pavlovian response* of immediate finger shaking in her direction.

Set List
The Ties That Bind
Outlaw Pete
Spirit In The Night
Working On A Dream
Johnny 99
Raise Your Hand
London Calling
Red Headed Woman
Hungry Heart
The Promised Land
Streets Of Philadelphia
Kingdom Of Days
Radio Nowhere
Lonesome Day
The Rising
Born To Run

Hard Times
Thunder Road
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
Land Of Hope And Dreams
American Land
Kitty's Back

LOVE this kids sweatshirt and the hoodie zips up completely to cover his face with the skull bones. I thought it would be too creepy to ask him to do it again for the strange girl in a dress.
This as he questioned my skills of photography while I wasn't even looking in the lens. The Wachovia Center looks like the Gugg and he's quite blurry. COMEON! I'm the girl who wears a dress to concerts, of course, all my photos are golden.
This is how I like to picture these two.
Happy with a beer in hand.  

*And let's not talk about any other Pavlovian responses. Thank you very much.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

2 Reasons why I love Jeremy

Reason One
Jeremy is packing up his room, which makes me sad and insistent on a guy hug* when I came home tonight.  He found a mar on the floor and I told him that it had been there even when I had that room.  His face perked up and he said, "Is that why all your friends think this is your room?"  Good reasoning, but not true.  They'd never been here when I lived in that room.

My friends have taken to randomly diving into bed with Jeremy after the holiday party the last two years.  Our favorite blogebrity, Brett, dove in after heading to the bathroom two years ago.  Fortunately, he was wearing a tuxedo and not in his skivvies.  Unfortunately, Jer had been asleep for hours and did not want to snuggle.  This year, Sam just decided to hang out with Jeremy until he told Sam, "I don't want to be inhospitable, but I'm going to bed dude."  His response: "I don't want to go to a hospital either."

Jeremy accepts all of my crazy friends attempts to cuddle throughout the night.  Evie locks her door whenever I have people stay over.  

Reason Two
Jer loves mental torture.  (See what happens when he steals our phones--sometimes good, sometimes bad.)  Evie would not move her pile of random possessions and mail from the last four months, even though we were showing the apartment and needed to take photos of Jer's furniture.  So he and I decided to give away whatever she obviously didn't need.  Then a week later, he posted it to Craigslist

Green couch and loveseat for sale. Somewhat worn from use - some small holes in the fabric, but otherwise in good condition. The large couch has a sleeper in it as well. 

- Couch 
- Loveseat 
- Pillows 
- Matching hassock/ottoman 
- All my roommate's stuff that she's parked on the smaller couch if she doesn't move it before you pick it up. 

Take away only - available mid-May. E-mail me and we'll work out the logistics. 

  • Location: Stamford
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
image 1148357837-0

image 1148357837-1
*Jeremy is going to have to be ready for lots of random hugs over the next month, as I protest his departure, plus my usual I just need a guy hug cause my day sucked moments.  

Obscure BNL reference on new NBC comedy

They just said hair shirt on Parks and Rec!  And the only other instance in which I hear hair shirt is on BNL's "What A Good Boy."  And as much as we rip on BNL on the blog, I love that song.  

That's right, I love it.  I love it for the band they want to be.  And the band they almost are.  (And why have I been paraphrasing random lyrics and movie lines to fit my random conversations this week?)

It takes me back to a wonderfully nostalgic place.  But then they wrote that monkey postcard song and I lost the love.  

Thank you Kelly for sharing my embarrassment (with a little bit of secret love) over BNL.  

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy 100 Days!

Yes, yes.  We all know how much I love Obama.  But today we're going to talk about my envy I have for one certain Bobcat.  

The Blue posted a link to OU alum, Pete Souza's Flickr album of photos from the first three months of Obama's presidency.  Such a fantastic job!

And I love how in love the Obamas are.  It makes my day.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's 11:27, wanna shotgun?

I just finished making the last bit of tailgate food and was loading the trunk, when I tried to open the beer carton.  A bottle girl, I didn't think anything of stabbing the case with my key.   Soon enough, stream of beer right in the eye.  Jer refused to come outside and shotgun with me, so it's fizzing out in the driveway.  

Tomorrow we're off to Philly for Bruuuuuuce and our usual pre-show tailgate.  Can't wait to drive through four states tomorrow for some Jersey rock.  And yes, I completely feel like a 40 something girl from Jersey...with big hair, of course. 

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jessi's Reading 4.23.9

There are far too many tabs open on my computer and links that I've emailed myself so here we go:

This video has left me a little indecisive.  85% of me wants to fly Jody, Kelly and I to some weird island for one of my fitness vacations, 12% of me wonders how horribly callused this guys feet are, and 3% of me wants to apply to work for him on his Brazilian experience trips.  You can read his philosophy at MovNat.

More video fun!  Bill Moyers had David Simon, creator of The Wire, on his show earlier this week (be sure to check out both segments).  I'm only on season two of the show, but love every interview, story and show I watch with him and his ideas on American society.  The Blue also posted his HBO pitch proposal last week.  I might dive into its 79 pages on my flight home but Isaac already checked it out and loved seeing which characters made it into the show, the various name changes and other nuances.  (I'm trying to upload it, but email if you want it.)

Thanks to The Road and The New Yorker's various columns about the coming apocalypse, I got a kick out of Wired's story about some strange monument in Georgia with instructions on how to survive the post-apocalyptic world.  And if you're not in the peach state and need some advice, this blog will get you through it.

 Justin A. sent us this link to Bill O'Reilly's investigation into a strange thing called Nintendo...three years after it came out.  Be sure to watch for the Nintendo help line guy's awesome hair-do.

Two things that I love?  Footloose (well, when I was 7, at least) and now Gossip Girl.  Rumor has it that Chace Crawford is going to be taking over Kevin Bacon's role!

I have been rambling on about my hatred of the USA Today newspaper to more and more people lately after my recent month of travel.  I often wonder to myself if hotels think I need a dumbed down and colorful version of the news rather than the stories and news items I expect from a paper like the New York Times.  I've been leaving the USA Today on the floor outside my door and racing to grab the Times or the Journal from the lobby before they disappear.  Plus, there's my whole hippie/green guilt over all those wasted papers.  Marriott is finally paying attention to all those wasted papers and is discontinuing the automatic paper drop service.  You can still request a select newspaper of your choice to be dropped upon check-in.  Not-so-fun fact:  Marriott was the first hotel to automatically deliver newspapers to guests rooms.  It started 25 years ago with a partnership with the USA Today and the Gannett Co.

Ellen and I discovered this site last Easter, where two friends post a different photo each day, side by side.  The project ended recently, but I've looked at all of their photos (and then I started looking into their other projects and companies.  It was a blend of creative jealousy and internet stalking all rolled into one.)

While this would've been timelier if I actually posted my reading catch-all around tax day, I still love the graphic design of this poster representation of how your tax dollars are divided.  

Slate has been posting an ongoing series of a writer's journey through the grieving process following the loss of her mother.   

Evie and Jeremy have been making fun of my recent desire to sell most of my belongings.  If only I lived closer to this hotel which is asking regular people to suggest items for the hotel to buy from them in order to eclectically decorate its room prior to the grand opening.  

While I'm also on a kick of trying to purge beer in my love in favor of gin and tonics, it's heartening to know that a UK pub is allowing customers to barter for a pint of beer.  

Finally, The Atlantic had a post about the American class system.  

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Frequent Blog Contributor and Dear Friend Needs Our Help

I'd only seen Chuck at the Super Bowl before Nick began his SAVE CHUCK campaign, but these kids were fans even before!

All, the letter below was sent to the chairman of NBC by our good friend Nick Brown.  While he requested that I not post the letter, I told him my loyal readers would support the cause. 

Ben Silverman


3000 W. Alameda

Admin Building

Burbank , CA 91523

Dear Mr. Silverman,

First, let me congratulate you on having one of the most enjoyable shows on television.  My friends and I look forward to watching Chuck every week and have been quite pleased with the second season.  By writing I’m hoping you will consider renewing Chuck for a third season.

You’ll probably receive thousands of letters from people claiming the show deserves a third season because of the quality writing or entertaining stories.  Others might threaten to protest NBC programming in the event of cancellation.  I would rather offer some help.  I feel like Chuck has landed on the proverbial chopping block because of lack of understanding by the people selling the program.  

While Chuck is not a ratings juggernaut, it speaks to a very lucrative audience (me).  To validate this I ran syndicated data (see enclosed sheets).  Based on the data we learn the following:

  • Chuck’s core audience is male with a high disposable income
  • Chuck’s core audience is 26% (Index 126) more likely than the general public to attend movies
  • Chuck’s core audience is tech savvy and tends to endorse products among their friends

To put this into perspective I included data for Chuck’s primary competition (House viewers).  This is just a snapshot of what’s easily available but highlights just some of the ways Chuck should be positioned to marketers.  Clearly there’s an angle to sell this show but requires a little creativity to reach its full potential.  I hope you find this helpful.


Nick Brown

29 years old, CT

If you’re also a fan feel free to send letters to Ben Silverman.  You can also help by watching episodes on Hulu.  Being unfamiliar with the show, Nick recommended that I watch the episode below.  Reluctantly I watched and  became an instant fan.  Thinking about it, I haven’t been this satisfied by an hour of television since the debutante ball in the first season of Gossip Girl when Dan was accepted by Lily Van Der Woodsen.


Final Important Blog Post Before I Quit the Internet for a Few Days

The Jody beat me big time on Infinite Jest.  According to her last update, she was around page 400 and the plot was kicking in.  Then I get a voicemail from her as I got down to the pool saying she'd finished.  I thought this was a practical joke as I'm sitting on page 121.  

She wins. 

And we attribute this to her recent spate of lame, sober weekends at home.  Plus, my magazine backlog that I finally cleared through.  DFW and I are hanging out at the pool a bunch this week, but I still have to finish before the 4th of July weekend of brother's wedding and our trip to Falling Water, where we'll find some time to have book club discussion about the wonders of Infinite Jest.  

In the Whale's Vagina

Oh internets, you knew I couldn't stay away from you for too long!  Thanks to a work demand, I fired up the internet in the hotel room tonight and have been checking email, but will be going off the grid again shortly.  

Things to know:
-The weather is gorgeous.  I'm developing a slight tan, although I'm going to be forced to wear halter dresses for a while to match my tan lines. 
-Swimming in the ocean is a horrible idea.  I got into my waist before running out and swearing that I couldn't feel my legs.  Now I don't have to worry about swimming with the fishes, but I do have to get up super early to swim at the hotel before the kids invade the pool.
-Seeing Robby Schiller 7 years later is the same as seeing him every day in Stanford Hall.  I haven't laughed that much with anyone except Favre in a very long time.  

Monday, April 20, 2009

Field Trip! Jessi sees the Woodys & Goldens in Vegas

While my weekend started with a horrible flight experience on Southwest, where the airline rep asked if I wanted to have the man behind me arrested once we landed, things certainly picked up once we left McCarren Airport.  

The Woodys greeted me (oh yes, hives, shaking hands and all) at the airport and we headed to the Goldens, where I got to meet their two month old boy, then we headed out away from the tourists of the Strip.

Sunday kept us around the house except for a late brunch and my hiking adventure with Woody.  Now it's onto sunny San Diego to find long-lost ND friends (Robby Schiller everybody!), lay on the beach, eat Mexican, and return to my favorite nude beach.  

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Weekend with my Fake Future Husband, Eric

Eric and I were super tourists this weekend

Eric and I had a fabulous weekend in the city, with a brief sojourn to the country to spend Saturday night.  The boy took me into Times Square far more times than I like to go in a season, but that's my only complaint about the weekend.*  

No, Jody, Eric did not propose, even though we already have a wedding registry.  He's like my little brother, we can't be married, but you can buy us gifts!  Besides my people live in different parts of the city from most of his people, leaving the UWS as our only mutually agreeable neighborhood. 

These are Eric's people
Huajia would love the dogflowers

Our rickshaw driver needed a fancier bike

*There's another whole story about our disastrous trek to Newark, when the GPS turned on me and the tollbooth lady gave me a big lecture about breaking traffic law.  Has she not seen my speeding ticket photo from Phoenix?

Come & Look at Both of Our Buildings!

Remember when I went to Cleveland last month and couldn't believe what had come of the town?  This video sums it up nicely...and with a catchy tune.  

(I've watched it at least 14 times today (probably more) and could not stop singing it in my head throughout my swim.)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's Another Easter in NYC

We lost a lot of good men out there

I came back from Boston today, Easter is almost upon us (which means Weir is drinking a scotch in approximately 20 minutes), and Eric is flying in tomorrow for a weekend in the city (we'll miss you married friend and my two favorite Canadians).  

Tony and I spent two Easter road trips together in college, where we learned that Jody would not have survived the winter or the civil war during a trip to Valley Forge and that Gabe likes to sleep and is better off chatting with my 4 year old cousin than manning up at the poker table with my relatives.
Enjoy the holiday everyone and we'll be back in a few days with far too many pictures from our weekend.  If you're in the city, come join us for a drink and you'll probably get some dirt from Eric on me.  

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

About those Milestones I set for myself...*

40 Miles of Lent
I've only got 2 miles to go, yet I'm in Boston Wed/Thursday and picking Eric up on Friday for our weekend in the city and the country (that's CT for you non-fancy pants).  Pack your speedo E, the JCC is open on Easter Sunday!

Infinite Jest
Jessi:  Page 85  
Jody:  Page 300 something
If this is like the Sopranos contest, Jody is around the season 3 premiere and I'm on the fourth episode.  Which means in Jody's world, the Feds are watching the big, Italians every move and Pussy is dead.  Whereas in my world, Tony is having crazy dreams about Dr. Melfi, instead of the ducks.  

*If any of you thought this was going to be some, oh god, I need to get married in 2 years 4 months and 17 days, you don't know me at all.  (Also, I'm not good with this calendar math.  I had the months off on the first go round :) )

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sometimes Jer is being good when he steals your cell phone and sometimes he isn't

Jeremy is really good at being a supportive older brother.  When my heart is broken or I'm just even a little sad, Jeremy will listen to me, give his interpretation of what's really going on and then steal my phone for a week if I shouldn't be talking to a certain boy for my own good.  

Last night was not one of those nights.

Jer Jer and I went grocery shopping, he contemplated buying a Hungry Man frozen dinner for 8 minutes, but I wouldn't let him and we ordered my favorite Mexican, instead.  Doctor Evie came home a few minutes after us, just as we were digging into the delicious ethnic goodness that is my three tacos al pastor with rice and beans.  (Jer, on the other hand, went with the Jody approved beef burrito. )

Evie loves my Mexican, so she walks in the house, sees this, declares her hatred for us and slumps in her chair and whines about the awkwardness of someone with a crush on her at work.  

Jer then decides to text this guy and ask him on a double date with us on Thursday, but Eves won't tell him the name.  Meanwhile, I keep asking Jer if we can hold hands on our double-date--he finds this to be irrelevant.  After Evie reads off a list of names, he manages to steal her phone and while he had a younger sister and knows just how to torment us, Evie is an only child and has no idea how to defend herself.  He managed to get a quick text off to one of her coworkers, plus some steamier ones to me, but the twenty minutes of Evie aggravation were priceless.  I've never seen someone so bad at defending herself.  

my girl finally has her phone back

Who's With me for Cloud Cult on Thursday?

My favorite and Jody's least favorite painting-on-stage band will be playing in Williamsburg on Thursday. I really wanted to catch them in New Haven on Wednesday, but I'm in Boston for the Celtics game and I didn't feel like heading up to Boston a day early to see them tonight. So Brooklyn it is! (As long as I make it back in time.)

Why do the concert scheduling gods sometimes hate me so much? And how much cheaper would the painting be in Connecticut vs. Brooklyn? You know I'm right about this.

Cloud Cult - Hope

2009 Tour Dates

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Banged up from the weekend

Apparently, I should try to stay in the pool for most of my waking hours.  Today I fell down half a flight of stairs, tripped on a rock while trail running before twisting my ankle a few miles later.  The first incident left me shaking for a few minutes, while the later two were just typical clumsiness.   Either way, I'm sore all over and will be inspecting the bruising later.  I also dropped a champagne flute while catering last night, but I blame that on the rich woman who threw her coat and purse onto my left arm while I was serving drinks on a tray in my right.  

And as for my non-waking hours, I haven't had a night terror in a few weeks, but I also can't find my way out of my bedroom in the middle of the night, because I think I'm still at the W, where there are no doors to the bathroom.

I need to stop traveling.  

Friday, April 3, 2009

Is Hillary making some money on the side, like The Gambler?

Tommy sent me this goodness from the Post:

Is it sex o'clock in London? That's what some reporters wondered after the White House accidentally listed a sex hot line as the call-in number for a NATO briefing with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and National Security Adviser Jim Jones. Instead of the secretary of state, a recorded female voice requested a credit-card number if the caller should "feel like getting nasty," Fox News reported.

Normally we ignore all reports from Fox News, but this gave us a giggle, which still sounds more like a sick wheeze.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good Morning from Dallas

The sun was blinding me from either side of my bed yesterday, as I tried reading The New Yorker in bed. And since my camera is always within reach, I snapped a photo of the reflection coming through the window into the mirror, temporarily blinding me in the eye.

(Side tangent: Can we have a hotel boycott of the USA Today? That really is the stupid person's newspaper and I feel like the hotel thinks less of me every time I open my door to one in the morning. I always hope to make it downstairs in time for the Times or the Journal on my way out the door.)

I'm flying back to New York this morning and can't wait to be back for two weeks (minus the trek to Boston) before I head west for some vacation.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sometimes I get Remixes in the Mail

I think Canada is going to yell at me for this.  There was a day that he was going through my music collection in grad school and insisted that I delete Ghetto Superstar.  I still love this song, no matter what my elitist friend in the great white north has to say!  So imagine my delight when I get a remix from Don Diablo with MGMT's Kids and Ghetto Superstar.  Love at first remixed sight.  

Don Diablo - The Best Ghetto Kids are Yet to Come

A remix of Lykke Li's Little Bit arrived last week and while I still love the original song more, I figured I'd share this.  And it makes a better argument for my ON playlist.

Lykke Li - Little Bit (Villains Remix)

Sorry-I'm out of bandwidth, email me if you want the file.    

Jessi's Reading 4.1.9

It's April Fools Day and this day drives me nuts.  When the internet was new, it was cute when companies would pull an April Fools prank.  Now it drives me nuts.  This prank by ImprovEverywhere almost made me unsubscribe.  I'm entranced by cemeteries and their memorials, but doing improv at a funeral?  Thank god it was a prank, but I'm still raging inside about it.

Onto the type of comedy I can appreciate....A girls soccer coach in Massachusetts was asked to resign after his pre-season motivational email to the parents.  "Second place trophies are nothing to be proud of as they serve only as a reminder that you missed your goal; their only useful purpose is as an inspiration to do that next set of reps."  If I ever have a little Jessi, I want her to play for a coach like this and I'd look forward to every email throughout the season.  As he rightly poked fun at the overtly PC world that we live in where everyone's a winner, his goal was to coach these girls and build their self-confidence, if anyone made it to the end of the email they'd see that.  And the latest How I Met Your Mother was so timely, as Marshall begins coaching Lilly's kindergarten basketball team with his forceful determination to win, while she wants to sing pretty guitar songs about everyone being a winner.  Go Green Death!

I'm overly excited for the Where the Wild Things Are movie.  I loved the book as a kid, get excited every time Uncle Gregg wears his t-shirt and can't wait for this!  Bonus:  new version of the Arcade Fire song.  It also reminded me of this piece in the Times last fall.  

In one of our recent phone calls, FBF and I have been discussing our contentment with being single and not feeling the need to get married, even as we keep getting older.  Instead of lining him up as one of my backups, I've just decided that we're going to travel together through the years and then retire together.*  FBF's uncle has lived the glorious bachelor life in California for years and one of the tenets of this life style is that he must drive a black car.  When I was car shopping, FBF kept reminding me of Uncle Kenny's phrase about if it's not black, send it back or something like that.  However, the Governator has other plans as he's contemplating a ban on black cars as a way to fight carbon emissions.  

My company pays one of the founder's wives to come in and teach us management training and one of her big things is how awful millennials are.  For the last week I've been wanting to email her this piece from Slate.  Thank you crazy Boomers for living beyond your means and causing the "real world to throw up all over us."

Jorge Columbo does amazing artwork on his iPhone app.  I can't even draw stick figures and he can do this?  

I still need to visit Portland and when I do, I'm going to check out this house...built like a tree house for adults.  

*FBF doesn't realize how serious I am about this.  It might start to sink in when I send him tickets to Peru to hike to Machu Picchu.  

Dallas has been overtaken by Britney fans

My Dallas adventures continued yesterday with a surprise visit from Nick Welsch, who was in Texas for business.  Yay for facebook updates bringing it all together in an afternoon...if only Cutter could've driven down!  Nick had to go onto Waco, so we were meeting in the lobby of the W at 6 to hit the nearby sushi place, but the lobby was overwhelmingly full of women with a lot of collagen, saline and other forms of plastic.  Turns out those might've been the Pussy Cat Dolls.  The sushi place was able to squeeze us in, but they were booked for the night due to the women of Dallas loving their Britney Spears.  Everyone was out in their whoriest attire for Britney, Bitch.  (I so wish I'd gotten a photo of the boyfriend and girlfriend wearing matching, "It's Britney, Bitch" homemade t-shirts.  Instead I was too busy photographing Sudol with the schoolgirl Britneys.)

We ended up at another bar full of Britney fans on their way to the show.  Haven't heard how the show was, nor have I had a Britney sighting.   The girl was in my hotel at Super Bowl and now in Dallas, but I never spotted her, due to the back of house elevators!

Onto the photos...

i have a thing for hotel rooms with see-through showers.  blame it on our trip to san diego, when the shower split the suite into the living room and bedroom.  giving the person on the couch a full view of what was going on in the least that wall had a slightly gauzy finish.

Eric in front of the costumed Britney fans.  

Love the saddle shoes!