Friday, November 14, 2008

How on earth did they convince W to do this?

Nevermind, I answered my own question as I was typing this.  In fact, part of me thinks Bush knows all about the shocker and said, what the hell, I'm going along with this...less than 70 days left!  

Thanks Arizona State track for a good laugh, but as someone who used to work in college sports, I have to wonder what the Athletic Director would have to say about this.  

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Election Night!

Yay for everyone who voted today, no matter who you voted for, as long as you actually bothered to be an informed voter.  We're having a Hope is a Good Thing, Possibly the Best Thing Party (Inspired by the attempts to keep Tim Robbins (aka Andy Dufresne) from voting today) at my house.  J. Lau is coming for election coverage and wants to live blog:

7:17 pm  What on earth is CNN doing with Jessica Yellin's hologram?  This is not Star Trek.  Good god.  At this rate, I'd welcome those stupid moving charts they use.  

7:42 pm  Jim Himes just ran a commercial on CNN and the polls close in 18 minutes here in Connecticut.  Either that was a big waste of money or he has a lot of it.  

7:58 pm  My old county from my days at Notre Dame went blue!  

8:00 pm  These projections before any votes are counted make me nervous.  Weren't any of these guys working at these networks 8 years ago?

8:05 pm  Campbell Brown has really made her mark.  Do you think Katie Couric is a bit envious?  (PS  I had an Ann Curry sighting this weekend!!)

8:38 pm  Go Pennsylvania and O-H-I-O!!  (Jody and I are suddenly proud of our states!)

8:39 pm CNN Has a projection!!  With awesome intro music.  And it's Pennsylvania!!!!

8:43 pm J. Lau arrives!!  We are distracted as we open the wine and chat business.  

9:01 pm   Interesting that the 17 states that I need to visit are going red...Oklahoma, Alabama, North Dakota, Wyoming...

9:24 pm  Did you know that I loved Hank Williams Jr as a child?  

9:34 pm  CNN gives Ohio to Obama!  My state finally did me proud!!  

9:37 pm (Ha!  Take that all of you who got angry at Michelle.  That one just flew out of my mouth after too many red Ohios in my election life time!)

9:55 pm I am officially content and excited for this!!

10:11 pm Arkansas...another state that I'll probably never get to visit, ever since I hit St. Louis for a wedding, instead of the Clinton Library opening.  

10:31 pm Jim Himes secures the Congressional seat for my district, beating the last remaining Republican House member in New England, Christopher Shays (who to his credit, always responded to my letters).,0,2983782.story

10:49 pm hologram is even scarier and Manderson doesn't know what to do!

11:00 pm It's official and I'm ecstatic.

11:07 pm  Slate twitter makes me laugh:
The scenes of celebration are reminiscent of the end of a sci-fi movie where people of the earth rejoice over defeating the aliens.
11:30 pm  McCain just delivered a gracious concession speech.

11:31 pm  Now just to hear Obama....

11:51 pm  Facebook divides friends like no other on election day.  

12:14 am (Who is Oprah leaning on in the crowd?  Just a random guy in front of her?)

12:16 am  I could listen to him forever...or at least for 8 years.

12:17 am  Four Senate seats are still up for grabs and it is time to call it a night...we'll see what sort of surprises may come about in the morning.  Such a remarkable evening.