Monday, October 20, 2008

Upcoming NYC Shows

Here's some of the bands that I'm excited to see in the next month or so:

I used to watch John Fanning play guitar 8 or 9 years ago, then found him again this spring in New York.  I caught the band again in July, as their sound continued to grow with the addition of a few new members.  I'm looking forward to catching some of their new stuff that I haven't heard yet during CMJ.  The Loom will also be playing the Mercury Lounge the following week, then taking off to play at the screening of The Youngest Candidate, on which they've contributed to the soundtrack.

Upcoming NYC Shows
10.22 CMJ - The Bell House @ 8 pm with La Strada & Frances
10.23 CMJ - The Cake Shop nyctaper Showcase @ 3 pm with Naked Hearts & Sharon Van Etten
10.24 CMJ - Original Sessions Art House @ 8 pm with Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, Festival & More
10.1.8 Mercury Lounge @ 6:30 pm with Neva Dinova & McCarthy Trenching
10.21.8 Cake Shop @ 9 pm with Rafter

nyctaper has recorded The Loom twice before.  Recently at the Glasslands and at the nyctaper Anniversary Showcase in May.

I have been anxiously awaiting a Ryan Adams show in the area since Easy Tiger came out.  I had seen him briefly at Lollapalooza 3 years ago, but have loved the sound when he's with the Cardinals.  It's even better that it's on Halloween, which means I won't be suckered into dressing up for a costume party--they're just no fun outside of Athens, Ohio, anyway.  Sam and I are heading to this one and it'll be my first time at The Apollo!  

Grab their new album when it's released October 28th.

Upcoming NYC Show:
10.31.8 The Apollo 

As with many of my concert plans lately, this one was ruined by my travel schedule, but I'm still putting it out there, as I plan on seeing them at some point.  Instead, we'll be catching TV on the Radio out west.  Tommy gets full credit for handing me this EP in a stack of CDs this fall.  I'd thrown the iPod on shuffle while I was cleaning and had to come out of shower, cleaning supplies in hand, to see who I was listening to.

Upcoming NYC Show:
11.9.8 Northeast Kingdom @ 9 pm with visual artist Christina Medina

This New York band just played two sold out shows in New York, but we're catching them in San Francisco.  My musical buddy Sam and I are once again hitting a show together, as long as our flight makes it in time.  We're catching them at the Warfield on November 9th.  Then it's two days at a bed and breakfast with our co-worker Stacey and a little bit of golf at Half Moon Bay, before attempting to make it back to New York in time for Cloud Cult on the 11th.  

I have to figure that I was destined to find this band.  I first heard of them last year when I could've gone to the show with my Kelly's friend who just moved to New York, if it weren't for my Notre Dame football addiction.  I eventually got to know Jeff seven months later and saw Cloud Cult last spring.  The Meaning of 8 still causes me to cry at the worst times in public--whether it be at the grocery store or on a plane, it still gets to me, but isn't that what we look for in music?  

The band is playing an acoustic set at the Knitting factory as part of CMJ, but I'll be seeing them in New York next month if I get back in time and again the next night in my little state of Connecticut.  

Upcoming NYC Shows:
10.21.8 CMJ Knitting Factory @ 6:30 pm
11.11.8 Bowery Ballroom @ 7:30 with Mason Proper & Exit Clov
11.12.8 Heirloom Arts Theatre (Danbury, CT) @ 7 pm with Mason Proper & Exit Clov

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