Friday, October 17, 2008

Nick Brown Loves Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals

Usually I don't give Nick credit for his musical suggestions until the hip-hop songs grow on me months later from random radio and bar play.  However, I have been laughing over "Mark Wahlberg talks to Animals" since he sent it to me last night and he deserves some credit--I've watched this over a dozen times already and am still laughing.  (Plus, he likes to come to the blog and check his tag, so this will finally give him something new to look at.)  

Imagine that, SNL is funny even when they're not ripping on the GOP.

"You're a donkey.  I like that.  You eat apples.  I produce Entourage."

Nick even stayed up late last night to watch Wahlberg on Jimmy Kimmel, where he threated to fly to New York and "crack that big fucking nose of [Andy Samberg]."  

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SARAHSPY said...

loved it too. my favorite part is when he asks the goat if he's seen the perfect storm!