Friday, September 12, 2008

My Love Hate Relationship with the Pool Continues

I fell in love with swimming last year around the time I left for Hawaii.  I'd never had swim lessons, but would occasionally go with some of my friends in college at night, but that always led to ravenous sessions of pizzas, french fries and whatever else Reckers would serve us after midnight.  I did it a bit in grad school, but never built up my endurance.  Things started to change when I joined the JCC...and yes, I still forget that I'm wearing my ND shirts to the gym until I get there.  

This week I swam two miles for the first time, but am back to being unmotivated Jessi.  (The pool is great to work out my problems, but I'm pretty content right now and just can't focus.) So I'm hoping that maybe this picture of Little Jessi running in joyful fear from the sprinklers will be my little motivational tool to get back into the pool.  I've come along way from my fear of water.  Either way, I love this photo.    

Oh and Mom, thanks for picking out that swimsuit.  The red and white on the side really makes my waist look trim, while keeping my fabulous hips ;)

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