Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jessi's Reading 9.16.8

FBF, me and Amy delight in some crabs in the touristy part of Baltimore.  
Fortunately, FBF handles all shellfish for me and Amy is my epicurious dinting partner.  

I've been known for making declarations to my closest friends that if they don't watch my latest television discovery, then we can't be friends.*  The Wire is the final recommendation from my friends who have been telling me to watch for the last year and a half (yes, we were a bit late to the show).  HBO just won't give it to me On Demand, nor have the DVDs become available at the library.  I might have to break down and buy it soon, though.  

Wire creator David Simon discusses "the escalating breakdown of urban society across the US" in his Guardian piece.  It's a pretty solid article (PT even gave it his seal of approval) covering the problems permeating from the actions of politicians and the fact that journalists in the city are not covering the issues, while instead focusing on fluff, prize pieces, nor does anyone try to do anything about the situation.  Recently, USC Law hosted a discussion with Simon and USC Media & Religion Annenberg Knight Chair, Diane Wilson.  As with the series, I still have to watch the whole thing, but had to share it for all my Wire friends.

A Brit invented the iPod in 1979!  (We love Britons almost as much as we love Canadians.)  And in other Apple news, I am a big fan of the genius playlist.  It's so smart, it made me realize that I might have a little bit of a sad problem right now--I pick out a song and then 43% of the playlist songs make me cry.  Once again, I'm saving psychiatrist money, but burning through my minutes when I have to talk to favorite fake older brothers, Woody and Eric, about my problems.  (Note to Jody:  On a good note, this is helping in finally making a full Sad, Sad Songs that Make You Cry cd .  I think Benny stole the original.  Why does everyone steal my best mix tapes???)

On to more exciting things--origami!  There was a time in college when I made Dawn teach me origami, although I'm afraid that I inadvertently agreed to make 1,000 cranes when she gets married.  The good news is that Ellen, Setta and I had lots of cranes to keep us company in LaFortune during our "study" sessions.  If I had NetFlix, I could make some fantastic creations out of my old sleeves.  But we all know that I might be further behind Kelly when it comes to watching movies.  

Some other things that I love are Democrats and photography.  Jill Greenberg was hired to shoot a "hero" photo of John McCain for the cover of The Atlantic.  Before the shoot was over, she had the senator step in front of a strobe light, producing horror movie style shadows behind him.  Greenberg has fully accepted that she'll be audited if he's elected, as she's published these photos on her website (click on names, then go to john mccain), complete with captions and photoshopped effects.  (Go Democrat friends, go!)

Because we love The Guardian, I had to share this one, as well.  It seems that Britons (I still love your accents, even if I'm about to pick on you) disregard certain grooming measures...or at least this "serious" journalist does.  He did help explain why I go for the moody, rocker in tight jeans, even if his legs might be a third the size of mine.  (Have you seen my calves in heels?  They're fantastic.  I just won't ever be able to wear those skinny jeans.)

And in a final sad note, David Foster Wallace killed himself this weekend.  I have yet to read his prolific novel, Infinite Jest, yet I recognized a few of his articles as I read through the obits and discussions on my usual sites.  The Blue linked to his commencement address at Kenyon in 2005.^  While it definitely matched my mood, his thoughts on the fact that we are trapped in a banal, routine circle of work and a little bit of rushed free time certainly rang true and amazingly, I've been throwing the lesson of the story into my life today, which might be the only way to control my sometimes overwhelming anger.  Slate's obit, titled Infinitely Sad, suggested reading Wallace's report from Maine's Lobster Festival,which only reaffirmed by decision that I was right in never wanting to eat lobster again.  He leaves behind a wife and 6 years of grateful students.

*(You should be watching Mad Men, Flight of the Conchords, Arrested Development, Always Sunny, and Weeds.   Oh, and maybe Dexter.)

^And yes, I continue to read strong commencement speeches, because our commencement speech at ND was a position speech by some senator who was hoping for some press.  We are still angry about this.  

P.S.  I'm fully reclaiming the oxford comma.  This is quite different from when Mary tried to reclaim the c word in college.  A movement that I judged strange, but now I completely adore the c word, while i hate 4 words that begin with p, one that begins with m, and a phrase that begins with m.

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Philip said...

Please tell me that the photo is at least 15 months old, or I'm going to be angry.

Jessi said...

I could never come to Baltimore and not tell you!! That was in the spring of our second year and the last time that I cracked some crabs open for dinner ;) My new rule is no shellfish unless Joe is there to open them and I haven't seen him in 2 years!