Friday, September 12, 2008

Jessi's Reading 9.12.8

I can't sleep again, maybe it's because of this inappropriate children's slide...or probably because of something else.  at least woody knows that there's no way I'm asleep and he has no problem calling to check in on me after one a.m.  

There's a new map in town that purports to show not only where all the single men or women are, but also to split it by age demographics.  It seems that as long as I don't move to Durham, NC; Fayetteville, NC; or Montgomery, AL, there are more single men in the 25-34 age bracket than women (although our odds are much better on the West Coast, ladies.)  Sorry to my friends at Duke & UNC ;)

I hardly ever think to bring my umbrella, unless the sky is already blanketed by deep, dark clouds, which is why I own more than 5 but less than 9 umbrellas that are scattered amongst my car, office and home.  Umbrella Today seems to be my perfect solution.   You can type in your zip code to see if you should take your umbrella today.  The next page gives you the answer and let's you sign up for a morning text message on days when you will need one.  

As part of an art project, a woman named Asia, decided to send 300 letters to strangers, instead of the intended recipient.  Of course, before dropping them in the mail, she scanned them, and color coded them in order to place them online.   The project grew to 400 letters, as she realized that she was only beginning to really open up and properly write the letters as the project neared its initial close.  As someone who constantly writes letters (horribly long letters) to clear my head, but never sends them, I really liked randomly clicking on the boxes to see what letter it might produce, although with each click I kept hoping that no one would break into my gmail drafts folder or stumble upon one of my notebooks.  

And since we're less than 60 days away from elections, hopefully this article from UVA psychology professor Jonathan Haidt will finally explain why some people you know vote Republican.  I still don't understand ;)

(Thank you little brother for the introduction to Dax so long ago...such a voice to fill a night.)

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