Monday, September 15, 2008

I Thought It Would Be Impossible - Jody (and Lauren) Accomplish Double Concert Night!

Is it just me or does the Railroad Earth lead singer remind you of Sean Penn?

A few months ago, I got an email from Railroad Earth with their upcoming tour dates. They were hitting the TLA in Philly on a Friday night, Sept 5. I was pumped, as these guys are my current favorite band. A few days later, my listener-supported radio station, XPN, was listing their upcoming shows – My Morning Jacket, who I have been dying to see, was coming to town. I was even more pumped. Then they said it was a Friday night. Even better. Wrong. Friday, Sept 5. How am I supposed to choose??

Well, hippie concert friend Lauren and I did some math. MMJ kicked off at 7:30 at Festival Pier. RRE had a 9 start time at the TLA, a ten minute cab ride away. We reasoned that if MMJ has no opener, while RRE had one, we may, just may, be able to pull it off. 4 tickets, 2 to each show were purchased and Double Concert Bonanza was on. The Blog was giddy with excitement.

Sept 5 came up and the entire East Coast was preparing for Hurricane Hannah. Philly’s Friday night weather forecast was rain, lots of it. First cab ride dropped us off at Festival Pier at 7:34 and MMJ rolled onto stage at 7:39. Lauren and I were pumped – this early start must bode well for Double Concert Bonanza. Most people reasoned that the early start was due to the impending storms. MMJ rocked, once I stopped focusing on how much hair they all have, along with how much screaming they do. They played most (possibly all) of their new album, Evil Urges, mixed in with some older tunes like Gideon and What a Wonderful Man. We had a decent spot nearly center-stage but moved back toward the outside in anticipation of it starting to rain and having to bolt for a cab. Plus, we found some friends with an iPhone, who were tracking the Phillies game.  We left during Highly Suspicious in the encore, as it was starting to rain and our friends at RRE told us to hurry up. Luckily, XPN was broadcasting live, so we caught the reminder of the show from the cab ride. I was bummed to have missed One Big Holiday, but overall, it was an awesome show. I can’t wait to see these guys again, hopefully not on the same night as another show and not at Bonnaroo after being awake for 48 hours.

We got to the TLA during RRE’s second song, so we grabbed some beers and found our friends on the dance floor.  I love seeing RRE at an indoor venue. The energy always seems to be really high, people are dancing all over the place, and the music always rocks. These guys also played a majority of their new album, Amen Corner (the studio album does not do this band justice, you must find some live tracks or better yet, go see them – Emily would love them). The first set was great and after a short break, they came back out and just tore it up (I can’t seem to find the setlist online anywhere, maybe The Blog’s editor can work some magic.  Editor's Note:  I'm not that good). They just kept playing; even the encore went on forever. The show didn’t end until after 1am, at which point we went for pizza and home to bed, because Sept 6 was kick-off for the Irish. Overall, I was quite happy with the decision to go for two and overjoyed at how well the entire evening went. I think we all had visions of us missing most of either show. Go check these bands out – happy listening!

1. Anytime
2. Aluminum Park
3. Off The Record
4. Evil Urges
5. Touch Me I'm Giong To Scream Pt.1
6. What A Wonderful Man
7. Two Halves
8. Golden
9. Thank You Too!
10. I'm Amazed
11. Evelyn Is Not Real
12. Sec Walkin
13. War Begun
14. Phone Went West
15. Librarian
16. Dondante
17. Gideon
18. Lay Low
19. Mahgeetah
20. Worldess Chorus
21. Highly Suspicious
22. Cobra
23. Smokin From Shootin
24. Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt.2
25. Run Thru
26. One Big Holiday


Scott said...

Ask and ye shall receive:

September 5, 2008
The Fillmore at TLA
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Support: everybodyfields

Railroad Earth:

Set 1:

Magic Foot -->
Luxury Liner
Came Up Smilin' *
Right in Tune *
The Cuckoo
Lonecroft Ramble
Waggin' the Dog *

Set 2:

Mourning Flies
Lovin' You
Bringin' My Baby Back Home
For Love
Chapel Waltz
Hard Livin' *


Mighty River *
Raindance *

* with back-up vocals provided by Sheryl Renee,
Shelly Lindsey and Carol Henton

I help run the currently inactive fansite. :) Setlists are posted on earthboard, a yahoo mail group, so you can keep up. Glad you had fun -- we were down front the whole night. A very special show for sure. That Raindance encore was spectacular.

Jessi said...

Thanks Scott! Jody loves Railroad Earth and has been raving about them all summer. Now I just need to get to a show...