Friday, September 12, 2008

How Do You Not Immediately Marry a Guy Who's Willing to Take a Bullet For You?

FBF on our first attempt at December, of course

Evie and I went for a walk around the neighborhood tonight and somehow I started telling her about the time FBF and I were in Beverly Hills.  (Yes folks, this is the trip on which Vince Vaughn slapped my ass!)  We'd gone to a club after dinner that night and FBF was his usual celebrity spotting self, running back to tell me everytime he spotted someone new on his way to get drinks.  He's the absolute best at this.  Gun-toting Ja Rule had a table just to the left of us, but we quickly got over that fact.  We kept moving around the club and were having a solid evening.  

As we were getting ready to leave, a fight broke out in front of us and before I could do anything, Joe had suddenly thrown me up against the wall and was standing protectively in front of me.  Being my too-independent-self, I tried to move around, but he wouldn't let me go anywhere.

We went back to the house that night and it wasn't until the next morning when we woke up that he said, "Lauer, I was ready to take a bullet for you."  It seemed to be a defining moment for Joe and one that speaks to his consistent character.  Why didn't I pounce on this guy and run back to Vegas where we'd been the week before and insist that we get married?  

The funny thing is that I just got a text from him that he was in LA and would say hi to Vince for me.  I texted him back that I'd been talking about the bullet tonight and he gave me a smile with his next one..."that was the most respectable night of my a west hollywood club!"

Now to just find one more guy in this world who's willing to take a bullet for me ;)

(Yes, Joe is FBF's real name and if he's going to do something so remarkable, I have to at least call him by his real name...just this once  Don't worry, this reveal isn't as big as when Carrie gets the text from John.)

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