Friday, September 5, 2008

Hey Little Blog--I'm Back!

What started as a delay in what to write after a fantastic week in July morphed into an August (mostly) away from the blog, just like my own little French summer schedule.  I may hardly remember most of the language (isn't that right, Canada?), but I do remember how the French enjoy and relax thoughout Aout.  

So what have I been up to?  I became decidedly domestic--recaulking my bathroom, taking down wallpaper and hauling off tons of clothes.  Luckily that phase of life is over.  

I crossed the 33rd state off my map and have moved ahead of FBF in the contest, although I'm waiting for him to plan a romantic getaway to some far-from-exotic state just to spite me.  Maine was a great getaway for a few days, although I've sworn off lobster for a good while now.  Shellfish are only good when you have FBF to open the crawfish for you.  

Oh and I turned 27, which still makes me the youngest amongst all my friends, yet I'm starting to feel old at work :) 

Now it's back to the regular blog stuff.  Kelly just sent in a report from Eddie Vedder's show, Jody's on a mission tonight to cover two concerts in Philly.  We hope she at least makes it to one.  And our new Vegas correspondent, Woody, is introducing the blog to a whole new world of country music and crazy tribute bands.  Tonight he covers David Allen Coe and will be racing to beat Jody to the punch.  Oh, and I still have to write up my report from that Bon Iver show.  I've already bought tickets to his show in December, but unless I get a new job, I'll be in Naples (Florida) while it's taking place.

We're off for ice cream and then back to watch the season finale of our summer addiction, SWINGTOWN!  Don't tell anyone, although we've been known to leave boring boys at the bar to race home for the show.  And yes, we do have a DVR, but they don't need to know that.  

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