Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama Picks VP...and I tell those Secret Service Cams in Kennebunkport what I think about W!

So my favorite website (affectionately referred to as The Blue) was the first thing I turned to after waking to my Obama VP 3 am text this morning.

A few days ago, my parents and I stopped outside the Bush compound in Kennebunkport and I took this lovely photo (crazy hair and all).  My mother was yelling at me to stop and I said it's my right, Kiki!  My grandpa is gonna love it in the digimentary that goes out after the trip!

(Woody, why so silent about the photo???)


SARAHSPY said...

well a picture certainly speaks a 1000 words. :) love it.

Philip said...

Ahh Jessi... I love you, but there are so many better ways to express your dissatisfaction with the current president.

Like join a march with the anarchists in Denver. Isn't it kind of funny that the anarchists organize marches? Anyway... I beat Woody to it!

Paul said...

Well...the silence is a demonstration of two things:
1. My silent acceptance that the man I idolized 7 years ago and the party I most agree with has abandoned the "less is more" theory of government for the last 8 years...AND
2. I am truly ashamed to have forgotten Jess' birthday. DAMN.