Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jessi's Reading 8.7.8

Days with My Father is a beautiful photo essay about photographer Phillip Toledano's visits with his father, who suffers from short term memory loss and cannot remember that his wife has died.  After repeatedly explaining the loss to his father, he constructs a story that his mother is taking care of her sick brother in Paris.  Despite the struggles, it's a heartwarming story on a well-constructed website.  Check out Phillip's personal site, too.  I, of course, got a kick out of the following sports shot.  Seems to fit right in with my office.  

Oh wow.  I was just browsing around some more and Phillip did the phone sex operator piece that I mentioned last month.   I guess I really like his work.  (And if the photo essay doesn't load, just hit refresh in your browser--I've had to do that each time I visited.)   

My little Ellen friend sent me this:  Lego recreations of album covers.  A Hard Days Night, You Are the Quarry and Born in the U.S.A. are my favorites.  

Don't laugh Woody.  Apparently I'm worth 9 goats, whenever I end up getting married.

Capital A Prints creates concert posters.  I found them after vigorously googling the recent Bon Iver show.  I might be most jealous of creative people and enjoyed these posters.  The agency certainly has their favorite bands ;)

I need to dig deeper, but this Tinkering School sounds pretty fun.  

Project Michelle encourages everyone to join the bone marrow registry, which is now actually a lot easier than when I did it in college.  Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I get queasy at the thought of needles and pass out at least 27% of the time that I have to have blood drawn (which happened way too frequently over the last two years).  Nevertheless, I had my blood drawn for the registry after three people died during my freshman year in college after not finding a match.  Michelle is 26 years old, recently diagnosed with leukemia and in desperate search of a match.  All it takes to join the registry is a simple cheek swap and there's info on the site about how to do it.  

Things They Don't Tell You (But Should):  A Guide to Life is an honestly cute black and white comic about the truths in life, that no one really wants to admit to.  

That's it pea-brains :)  I'm off to bed and will hopefully be back to this blog more often--just need to finish this DVD project and vacation is coming in less than 2 weeks when I can finally dig into what's filling my inbox, catch up on my reading and start running again.

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