Monday, July 7, 2008

That's Him! That's The Guy! (b.o.i. #2)

Beautiful, elegiac songs about three generations of failed marriage fill That's Him! That's the Guy!'s 2008 LP An Army Life. With elegantly simple melodies strummed on guitar and banjo, David Martin and Joseph Scott bring the poignant lyrics to the forefront with their vocal harmonies. The songs haven't escaped my head since the tracks found their way to my inbox a few days ago. I was jokingly, yet appropriately, warned before listening that the lyrics were quite uplifting. My favorite "Red Folder" holds the instructions for how to handle his loved one's death; however, I can't get enough of the strings that sweep in throughout the song and how the guitar builds after the first refrain.

Considering my love of all things Canada, it seemed like fate that they found their way to me. Joseph Scott plays in the band Canada and David Martin is from Canada.

The duo recently moved to New York from Michigan and have one show on their calendar:
August 24th at Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn



Of course, there's some YouTube to go along with the post. Here's a live performance of "Polish Lancers" from what might have been their last show in Michigan.

And now to the Bands of Influence part. If you're here to grab Sufjan Steven's "The One I Love" cover or "The Dress Looks Nice on You", be sure to download the mp3s above from That's Him! That's the Guy! The band's sound has drawn comparisons to Sufjan, Iron & Wine and Mountain Goats. I just happen to love Sufjan the best.

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