Thursday, July 31, 2008

So Maybe I Have a Thing for Jersey Guys...

Considering that Amy won't talk to me until I make this public, it's time to confess, especially since she's already upset with me for not making it to Philly for a visit yet!

A few Saturdays ago, I was browsing around SoHo on a mission to find a decent size bag before heading uptown to grab drinks with a few friends later in the day when suddenly Perry, my favorite Jersey guy, was calling.  His childhood best friend had extra tickets to the Bon Jovi show and wanted us there in an hour.  Perry had to rush there from Hoboken; fortunately, I was already in the city and not back home in CT.  

We met on Central Park East, filed into the park, found little bits of grass and made quick lawn friends with a guy who LOVED to play Crazy 8s.  Turns out he'd been on a few dates with a girl in our group, so half our group quickly bailed to find some new lawn, while we continued our battle.  Three hours of card games filled our afternoon before Bon Jovi came onto stage (and yes, we are very competitive at childhood card games).  

He actually played for two hours and the crowd was loving him.  I came into the show expecting much more of the over 40 crowd in leather and lace, but Bon Jovi gave me enough wardrobe and dance entertainment to last a few weeks, although Perry warned that he would kill me if I said anything contrary about The Boss when we saw him a few weeks later.   We love Jersey guys in July, particularly those in the above 45 set (and yes, that would be a record).

I had a few moments of wishing that Weins were at the show with us, but she was proud of me for finally making it to a Bon Jovi show, which was surprisingly enjoyable.  Then we headed off to Brother Jimmy's where I relived our post-holiday party excursion from two years ago, before I snuck down to Rockwood Music Hall to cleanse my musical soul.   

(Oh yeah, since I work in sports marketing, I can't forget to mention that this concert was brought to you by Major League Baseball in celebration of the All-Star Game.  Ticketed Attendance:  60,000)

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