Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Norwegian Artists Salute The Purple One's 50th Birthday with 5 CD Compilation

Where did my glee over The Purple One begin?  There are so many possibilities.  It could've been the day Sizzle insisted that I immediately load his Greatest Hits and B-sides onto my iPod.  (Sizzle is a wrestler and you do what he says.)  Or maybe it was after all those Chappelle skits gave me the giggles and the Canadian the chuckles.  (So good.)  It might have even been the juke box at The Junction, pumping I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man into the Athens night, made even better with a Junction Punch in hand.

Nevertheless, The Purple One has taken protection of one's copyrights to a new level.  The Radiohead issue was utterly laughable, so much so that I didn't even say anything about it previously.   Now he's sued the 50 Norwegian artists who covered him (Coachella performance be damned) on a 5 disc Birthday Tribute.  Correct me if I'm wrong lawyers, but with copyright law, you don't have to obtain the original artist's permission for covers, you just need to pay the compulsory licensing royalties.  

Either way, the songs are streaming on the above link or you could even buy a limited edition of the tribute.  Just don't ask me how many dollars equal kr 300,00.  

It's entertaining and sometimes comical to hear the different spin on his songs.  The label chose to represent a variety of genres in this compilation.

And for your own entertainment, some crazy Prince links:
(I would've had a photo up top, but I'm afraid of The Purple One and his platforms.)

PS  Thanks to The Blue once again
PPS My insomnia is back in full force.

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