Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jessi's Reading 7.23.8

I like the Dakota, but not as much as Palazzo Chupi.

Hey there. It's been a while. My email is full of random links that I've found. And since Woody loves photos, maybe we'll throw in some of those from recent things, although I'm afraid he's seen them all on facebook. Oh well. I'll be out photographing again this weekend--ND friends be warned.

Apparently I'm a really bad wife, at least by 1930's standards, which I think makes me quite the catch.  I took an actual weighted test from a magazine back then and scored a 23, which made me "very poor (a failure)!"  I swear, drink and tell risque stories while wearing red nail polish and I've yet to put the kids to bed.  I sent it onto Kelly and she scored a -13, which might have made me a little jealous.  

Kelly gave me a good laugh with this one, as we do whenever we're reminded of the Barenaked Ladies.  The band's lead singer, Steven Page, was arrested for felony possession of cocaine and marijuana, which could mean 15 years in jail for the boy.  I find it somewhat ironic that they just released their first kids' album and it's titled Snacktime.  

Yale's Rare book collection has a book from 1831 warning children of possible accidents.  The entries are fantastic and if my mother only knew that this book existed as a child, I would've been even more terrified of everyday activities.  I've always been afraid of worrying dogs and being mauled alive, but now I'm worrying about being scalded at the table or tumbling down the stairs.  The illustrations really do it for me.

  "I Met the Walrus" is a cute video that a guy made illustrating the interview that he did as a teenager with John Lennon after sneaking into his Toronto hotel room in 1969. I can only imagine what was going through 14 year old Jerry Levitan's head as he asked his hero these questions.  

A Ohio professor shares his experience grading AP test essays in the Chronicle of Higher Education.  My high school allowed us to take the tests, but didn't teach for the AP, which I really appreciated.  I have serious problems with so many schools simply teaching for the tests. My American History class was fantastic as Mr. Farley was a history nut, whose vacations consisted of running around the country visiting presidential tombs.  

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