Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jessi's Reading 7.1 - Justin A. Special Foodie Edition

This is Justin A. (not his real initial), my seatbuddy and foodie extraordinaire. This photo was taken the day of the David Sedaris field trip and managed to put a smile on my face at the 4 1/2 mark when it seemed like I'd never leave B&N.

Since Justin A. has yet to start his own food blog, which he really, really should, here are some food links that I've enjoyed in the last week.

Mark Bittman, NYT's food writer, gave a great TED talk about what is wrong with the way we eat and how we got ourselves into this position. (I love TED talks, be sure to check out the one from my favorite author...and I still need to get to the Super Hero Supply Store in Brooklyn.)

Slate discusses the correlation between our decline in savings and rising obesity rates.

And here's one for fun. Can you identify the candy bars by how they look on the inside?

Cloud Cult - Breakfast with My Shadow

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