Sunday, July 27, 2008

Guest Spot: Phil heads to 8x10 in Baltimore to check out Superland and Woo-Yellow Dubmarine

Of all of my friends around the country who've offered to cover shows/concerts from their hometowns, no one has approached it with such commitment (and submitted their reports so timely) as Phil in Baltimore. PT had a free Saturday as his wife was on call, so the boy headed to the 8x10 in Baltimore and had already sent me his report before I made it back to my friend's apt tonight. I keep telling Woody that Phil is setting a very high standard, should Woody ever decide to actually start covering the bands in Vegas...but that boy is still in the honeymoon phase, so it might be a while. Without further ado, here's PT's report from the night. (I think the first line was meant as a note to me, but I love it and decided to keep it in...I only wish that PT had arrived at that state from a night at The Crystal.)

I saw Woo-Yellow Dubmarine and Superland at 8x10 in Baltimore. A young crowd welcomed both College Park based bands.

So why should you be excited about bands that include a bunch of turtles (aka terrapins)? Both bands know how to get the crowd dancing, so if you're looking for some music that encourages fun, then these are bands for you.

Woo-Yellow Dubmarine combines reggae beats with a Beatles influence to produce both original tunes and a number of Beatles covers. A solid rhythm guitarist (also lead singer) combines with the bass player to lay down a dance-able beat that the talented lead guitarist builds upon to create great improvised solos. I'd like to see the drummer and
back-up rhythm player (bongos, etc.) do a little more to differentiate the band's sound. Their parts were very straighforward. Also, the vocal harmonies weren't particularly strong on the band's original

Woo-Yellow Dubmarine played about half orignal songs and about half Beatles covers. The guys in the band looked like they've barely graduated from the University of Maryland, so they have plenty of time to grow in the complexity and uniqueness of their sound.

Superland (formerly Soul'd Out) combines a talented lead singer with a Jamiroquai-esque voice with an excellent four piece horn section (two trumpets, a tenor sax and a baritone sax). The band has a James Brown influenced funk and soul sound, but, much more than Brown, the lead
singer's smooth voice makes for a very pleasing musical quality in each song. Superland has no lead guitarist -- instead, the lead singer and horn sections provide the embellishments and improvisation. A solid bass player and drummer provide the beats you'll need to feel like dancing.

If either of these bands comes to your area, then take some time out of your schedule to go and see them. Both bands will get you moving.

Superland perform at Sante Fe in College Park, MD

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