Friday, July 4, 2008

Frightened Rabbit & Oxford Collapse End Tour at Southpaw in Brooklyn 7.2.8

Frightened Rabbit with Oxford Collapse during the encore

I left the Frightened Rabbit show in May thoroughly impressed and have been telling my friends and the new ones I met on the road about the band since then.  The show at Southpaw in Wednesday night reaffirmed what I'd been saying all along.  

Frightened Rabbit ended their US tour in Brooklyn--home of Oxford Collapse, their tour mates for the last three weeks.  It was evident how much the two bands enjoyed each other on the road as Scott mentioned multiple inside jokes--many of which were Eddie Murphy related--and the Oxford guys even left a little surprise for Scott next to his set list--too bad the photo's too explicit to go beside the set list below.  

Both bands watched each other from the crowd (half the guys were even in the crowd to support the unremarkable opener The Lame Drivers and I'd originally thought Dan from Oxford was a Frightened Rabbit super-fan after The Lame Drivers said they were excited to see Oxford, Dan yelled "WHAT ABOUT FRIGHTENED RABBIT?" and walked off).  

There was plenty of intermingling on stage as Scott sang and hit the tambourine during Oxford's set, Dan added to the percussion of "Go-Go Girls" and everyone piled on the stage during the final song, "Keep Yourself Warm."  I loved how singer Michael Pace was eagerly snapping photos of Dan like a proud father at a little league game while he was on stage and the guys and their friends continued the photo work through the rest of the show--also making me feel justified in occasionally using my flash, even if I was bookended by two actual photographers. 
Dan joins the stage for "Go-Go Girls"

The crowd seemed more familiar with Frightened Rabbit than those at the Pianos show five weeks ago.  Everyone was clapping along to "Music Now" after just a few notes and the guys got me quite excited as Andy moved to the keyboards for "Backwards Walk" and began the song with the first part of The National's "Fake Empire"--and we all know how much I love The National.  

Scott came out for a solo performance of "Poke" to begin the encore and the song has turned into a spiritual experience of sorts each time that I've seen them.  A hush quickly fell over the crowd and I could hear people shushing anyone others to be quiet.  My favorite part was when Scott stepped away from the microphone and was just singing into the crowd, making the performance seem all the more exposed.

After "Poke" the band and Oxford returned to the stage for an energetic, tour-ending celebration of "Keep Yourself Warm."  The guys were all smiles and Scott even threw in some lines from Oxford Collapse's "National Parks" at the end.  

I will admit that I was a little bummed that the keyboard was blocking most of my views of Grant, as I love watching him behind his kit.  His Muppet's Animal t-shirt was fantastic, though

It had been a busy day at work as I got ready to dash out of town for a few days, that I never remembered to charge my cameras, so I only got a fast rendition of "Please Visit Your National Parks" from Oxford Collapse and the first half of "Good Arms" before the battery died.  (Videos are at the end).  Either way there's tons of photos from the show:  

Frightened Rabbit's Set

Oxford Collapse's Set

They loved their docksiders

Everyone during the encore, "Keep Yourself Warm"

Set List
1.  I Feel Better
2.  Fast Blood
3.  Good Arms vs. Bad Arms
4.  Be Less Rude
5.  Old Fashioned
6.  Music Now
7.  Modern Leper
8.  Go-Go Girls
9.  The Twist
10.  Head Rolls Off
11.  Fake Empire --> Backwards Walk
12.  The Greys --> Square 9 
13.  Poke (solo)
14.  Keep Yourself Warm

Have a listen:
Frightened Rabbit - Go-Go Girls from Sing the Greys

The first half of Frightened Rabbit's "Good Arms vs Bad Arms"

Oxford Collapse's "Please Visit Your National Parks"

Frightened Rabbit returns to the UK for a few remaining dates in July and August:
July 8 - Madame Jojos in London
July 10 - The Library in Leeds
July 13 - T in the Park in Kinross
August 9 - Summer Sundae Festival in Leicester

Oxford Collapse is taking most of July off before the release of their new album in August.  (Check their MySpace for dates if you're on the East Coast or in the Mid-west.)


Anonymous said...

So do you have an iPhone and blog straight from all these gigs or do you have a computer strapped to you waiste at all times?

- Ryan Graham

Jessi said...

I love it, Ryan Graham! If you'll remember from school, the memory is pretty, pretty good. Never having to study's real world translation equals freaky recollection from concerts and most things that I do. That coupled with my tendency to talk a lot leads to quite long posts.

Thanks for the laugh!

SARAHSPY said...

so good so good so good. i'll link up to your re-cap since it's a little more re-cappy than mine. :)