Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Concert Tonight then I'm Getting Outta NYC!

I guess we could call this another field trip, but I seem to take a lot of those lately.  I'm heading to Brooklyn tonight for Frightened Rabbit and Oxford Collapse at Southpaw--doors open at 8; show at 8:30.  

Then I'll be sipping on the sweet, sugary sweetness of multiple Red Bulls and making my way to Philly for a few days.  Any phone calls between the hours of 12:30 and 2 am tonight will be appreciated, as my favorite late night keep-me-awake phone buddy on the west coast just married himself off.  

Have a great Fourth and be sure to write!

I think my co-worker, Ruemenapp, is secretly in both bands playing tonight.  He's the guy in the purple shirt in the video and the lead singer for FR.  The resemblance is eerie.  


SARAHSPY said...

nice. i of course will be there too. if i spot you video-ing i'll be sure to say hi!

Paul said...

thanks for the west coast buddy reference.