Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back to Brooklyn Tonight: Jezebel Music Feature at Union Pool

I've been roaming around CT the last few days looking like a bleary eyed girl after a concert still wearing my bright yellow ear plugs.  (Our office is one of those creative, open, loft-like spaces with no ceilings on the offices or conference rooms, which makes it really loud; thus, the ear plugs are necessary to get me through the day.)   Unfortunately, I haven't seen anything since my busy weekend of live music, but am just suffering from some crazy headaches.  I have no idea where these are coming from, but I'm hoping that a little live music tonight will be just the cure. 

I actually saw three of the four bands (The Antlers, The Loom and Spanish Prisoners) at the nyctaper anniversary show at Pianos in May.  Hopefully, I'll make it into town in time for Little Bear & the Bad Touch.  The show starts at 8 pm and I believe tickets are 8 bucks, as well and is being produced by Jezebel Music.    

The Loom released their EP last month and I missed the release for the Woody wedding, so I'm excited to see them again and get my hands on the EP and free myself of the streaming on MySpace.  The Antlers released The New York Hospitals EP in early June and emails with EPs attached are the best sort to receive.  I'd heard about Sharon Van Etten before, but her voice really completes The Magnetic Fields' cover, "Nothing Matters When We're Dancing." 

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