Thursday, June 12, 2008

Whew! Field Trip Finally Over...But Still a Success!

Wow.  I made it through the line at the David Sedaris signing a week ago, but it felt like an eternity as we were waiting in line for 6 1/2 hours.  I stumbled drearily into work the next day and people asked how all the things I'd planned to do that evening went.  I had to explain how the signing encompassed my entire evening, I barely made the train home and that's even with him starting an hour and a half early.  There was probably still an hour of people behind us when we left at 12:30, so he had to be signing and doing the reading for at least 8 hours.  Yay to David Sedaris for taking time for all of his fans!  I'm still impressed by his ability to last that long.

I arrived at B&N around 6 and headed upstairs, thinking, oh, I'll just grab a vantage point from the low stacks right behind the viewing area, then I saw a short line with a security guard, so I said, heck, I'll go stand in line and just watch from there.  Well, the line kept snaking around the 4th floor and I ended up in New Age & Astrology.  Jeff arrived 20 minutes later and I dropped back to join him in Mystery.  We ended up watching the reading on a TV along the back wall.  The selection was "Of Mice and Men" and I most enjoyed that there was plenty of David Sedaris agitation and thoughts of how dumb everyone else must be (ahem, cab driver)--I love elitism, it's my favorite!  After that he read excerpts from his diary, then took questions from the audience.

Around 8 the autograph line started moving again and we had visions of leaving around 10 or 10:30, but when we reached the final shoot of the line, they herded us into the seats, where we sat for another two hours.  I was a bit delirious and pretty tired at that point, so I just stared at my dress and kept texting Kelly with updates--she's the only one who understands me at times.

We made it up to the stage around 12:30 where David Sedaris was still chatting with the fans and in a pretty jovial mood.  Doesn't the man smoke?  He only left at one point during the 8 hour affair--even I wanted a smoke 6 hours into it.  What I learned from my few moments of interaction are that David Sedaris might have suddenly become churchy...although I am still convinced that it was his fun gag for the night.  He asked a couple in front of us, as well as me, if we go to church.  Then he started asking Jeff about the love of his life and David Sedaris told Jeff that the love of his love tied on Calvary for his sins.  (Note to Dommie:  it's much funnier when I still think Calgary in my head--Jesus loves hockey!)  Although for a churchy guy, he did fess up to masturbating 8 times a day in order to strengthen his wrists for the book tour.  

No flash photography was allowed, but we managed to sneak some photos with my shaky hands.  Unfortunately, there is no proof that Jessi Knows Famous People, only that a blurry Jeff is talking with a blurry man that could be David Sedaris.  
Hopefully this photo will make the day of the Jeff Fan in Nashville, Tennessee

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