Monday, June 30, 2008

Soaking Wet at The Hold Steady - Brooklyn 6/29/08

I just got home from the city and The Hold Steady's concert.  Is it okay to admit that my clothes only fully dried in the last hour?  All three bands were fantastic and the rain finally stopped for The Hold Steady's set.  We had started to dry by the time opener J-Roddy Walston and the Business played and it stormed through most of The Loved Ones, but those guys were loving it.  I was just happy to be wearing a swimsuit.  I managed to get front row center for the show, so the videos and photos have a great vantage point.  

This was my first Hold Steady show and they made the afternoon of rain worthwhile.  The boys of Brooklyn/Minnesota were celebrating Tad's birthday, inspiring an impromptu Happy Birthday from the crowd.  I will admit that I was a little jealous of Tad's young daughter, when he brought her onto the back of the stage to enjoy part of The Loved Ones' set.  Then he had me laughing when the band wished him happy birthday and he flipped them off while still holding his daughter in his lap.

The crowd was already alive from The Loved Ones, but were dancing, singing along and waving their arms about just like Craig throughout the show.  I loved that the band hardly talked and kept the music rolling, except for Craig wondering aloud what to get the man who already has everything and decided on a solo--to which Tad jokingly tossed off his guitar before exchanging it for another.  He did take them up on the offer of a solo during "Lord I'm Discouraged" and solo he did on his 12 string.  

The crowd kept asking for "Hoodrat" and it came towards the end of the set.  "Stay Positive" was fantastic and I had one of those moments of wishing I'd taped it, but then being happy to dance and sing along throughout.  And how can you not dance with Craig leading the pack on stage?

Video for Chips Ahoy is below.  My other videos for Navy Sheets, Stuck Between Stations and Lord I'm Discouraged are on my YouTube.

Set List
1.  Constructive Summer
2.  Bangin' Camp
3.  Chips Ahoy
4.  Magazines
5.  Multitude of Casualties
6.  Yeah Sapphire
7.  Navy Sheets
8.  Kooks
9.  Stay Positive
10.  Stuck Between Stations
11.  The Swish
12.  Your Little Hoodrat Friend
13.  How a Resurrection Really Feels
14.  Joke about Jamaica
15.  Sequestered in Memphis
16.  Arms & Hearts
17.  Lord I'm Discouraged
18.  One for the Cutters
19.  Slapped Actress

This band from Philadelphia might have been afraid of dying from a freak electrocution accident, but that didn't stop them from playing.  Two of the guys are from Brooklyn, but singer Dave Hause felt right at home, jumping into the crowd twice.  

Tad joined the band for one of the final songs, while Franz whipped out a harmonica. 
(This band is right up my favorite Canadian's alley, so he better check them out.)

Playing songs from their 2007 release Hail Megaboys, J-Roddy and the Business put the studio tracks to shame with their live show.  Their sound is part 70s whiskey joint, part 50s piano hall.  The crowd didn't really get into it, but they at least kept my attention throughout the set.  


SARAHSPY said...

glad youre posting about this, because i didn't make it out. it was hot, and i felt lazy, and i heard about the impending storms, so i opted to hide in the AC all day!

Kelly said...

I'm SOO jealous!

Jessi said...

Even if I had to wring my tank top out three times after the first rain, before just going for the amusement park swimsuit look during The Loved Ones, I'm definitely glad that I went to the show.

Kel-you were meant to be in NYC for this concert (and to summer in the hamptons :) )

I finally added the photos and video I took from the show.


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