Friday, June 20, 2008

R.E.M., Modest Mouse & The National @ MSG Wrap-up

R.E.M. took the stage and played a 27 song set for the crowd at MSG last night, keeping the energy level high and the sold-out crowd dancing.  The band's videographer, Blue Leach, has put together an amazing video show for the tour and last night they debuted the new video for MLK tribute song, "Man-sized Wreath."  Even from my seats at the back of the floor, I couldn't help but continue to take photos as the visuals changed with each song.  

While Tom and I had our fingers crossed for some favorites (Nightswimming, Shiny Happy People, Stand, End of the World, Strange Currencies), the set list included most of the songs from Accelerate (much easier with the quicker songs on this album) and an array of songs from their older albums.  

Jody caught the show in Philly the night before and was disappointed by the lack of political ranting from Michael Stipe in Philly, but he sure had it in him last night, especially when discussing such songs as "Ignoreland", "Houston" and "Man-Sized Wreath", but he wrapped it up with a promising forecast for this November before diving into the final song of the encore, "Man on the Moon."

I wasn't quite as pleased with Modest Mouse's set list, but Isaac and company made up for it with their forceful and dynamic stage presence, made even more so by the two drummers working together (and tossing maracas across the stage).  

While traffic kept us from seeing all of The National's set, it was definitely strange for me to see them in such a large setting after growing used to the small venues with them.  Rushing through the Garden on the way to our seats with their music filling the halls took me back to U2's tour leg opener at ND, when we'd sneak though the athletic center after football practice just to hear Bono's voice filling the arena in the days of practice leading up to the concert.  I love the band's horns and was excited to see Matt dive into the audience in typical fashion during "Mr. November" (dedicated to Obama last night--originally written for Kerry, it seems to fit Barack so much more).   Still don't know what to do without "About Today" at a show, so I'm giving you a past live performance below from their recent release, The Virginia EP.

I really love this picture at its regular size.  The coloring works so well. 

Listen Up:

R.E.M. Set List
1. Living Well Is the Best Revenge  
2. These Days  
3. What's the Frequency, Kenneth?  
4. Bad Day  
5. Drive  
6. Hollow Man  
7. Ignoreland  
8. Man-Sized Wreath  
9. Leaving New York  
10. Disturbance At The Heron House  
11. Houston  
12. Electrolite  
13. (Don’t Go Back To) Rockville  
14. Driver 8  
15. Harborcoat  
16. The One I Love  
17. Until The Day Is Done  
18. Let Me In  
19. Horse To Water  
20. Pretty Persuasion  
21. Orange Crush  
22. I'm Gonna DJ  
23. Supernatural Superserious  
24. Losing My Religion  
25. Begin The Begin  
26. Fall On Me  
27. Man On The Moon

Modest Mouse Set List (I think)
1. ?  
2.  Satin in a Coffin 
3. Dance Hall 
4. Fire It Up 
5. Dashboard 
6. I Came as a Rat 
7. Trucker's Atlas 
8. Education 
9. Paper Thin Walls 
10. Good Times

The National Set List (Second Half)
- Squalor Victoria 
- Secret Meeting 
- Apartment Story 
- Fake Empire 
- Mr. November

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