Wednesday, June 25, 2008

O-kay, who'd like a banger in the mouth?

"Right, I forgot, here in the States, you call it a sausage in the mouth."
"We just call it a sausage."

Dear God-

Please let there be an Arrested Development movie.  If you just give us that, Michael Cera could finally be free to not bring George Michael to the big screen in every role he plays...not that we're really upset about that one, anyway.


Okay, okay, I'm realizing already that this is going to be a big ramble about my tv boyfriends.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jason Bateman and I just can't help myself, so I was excited to find this clip of him from Keith Olberman's show.  Keith is my second favorite newscaster boyfriend, but he really deserves the number one position, simply because he plays for my team.  Back to the subject, Bateman is on the show to promote Hancock and my favorite Blue Man comes on the set and they discuss the murmurs of the Arrested Development movie in a slightly promising way, although we've been excited about the prospect for years and will not let ourselves become overly excited by this or let down when it is finally released.  But I'm still about to email my favorite Arrested Development friends.  

Oh yeah, and back to the other tv boyfriends.  

John Stamos - Although meeting a guy and telling him that he looks like John Stamos is not as well received as one would think.  He's gorgeous, sans 80s hair, of course.
Jon Stewart - He's smart, funny and has salt & pepper hair.  I'm hooked.
Jack or Sawyer from Lost - I go back and forth on this based on how whiny Jack is being, although I think that I really appreciate Sawyer's attitude & humor much more, but then feel empathy for Jack.  
Bret from Flight - He's adorable, even in those animal sweaters.
Anderson Cooper - I don't care what you might say about him.  I love him.  And those biceps!  

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