Sunday, June 1, 2008

The National - All the Wine - Then & Now

Rumor has it that if you keep refreshing, there are tasteful nudes at their site. I haven't found them yet.

I've had a bit of a The National weekend.
-I finally got around to watching A Skin, A Night.
-I'm still on a Frightened Rabbit kick and Grant's drumming is very evocative of Bryan's.
-Yesterday, I realized they have the same producer, Peter Katis.
-Today I'm realizing that I might be so in love with The National that I'll go for anything similar...although I really think that the drumming is the only major similarity. Their overall sound is quite different.

Anyway, I found this video of an old version of All the Wine from a VERY EARLY performance at the Mercury Lounge. As much as they try to avoid the alt-country label, it certainly sounds that way to me. I'll stick with the current version, which you can find below from the Black Sessions in '05.

Listen Up:
The National - All The Wine (Black Session '05) | zS

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