Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Loyal Divide (Bands of Influence #1)

I first wrote about Loyal Divide upon FBF's recommendation back in April.  I had their MySpace up and listened through the afternoon, but it wasn't until I trekked up to Boston for the wedding weekend that I was able to really dive into their self-titled EP on both legs of my drive.

The EP begins with "Backes", a slightly more boisterous song than I'd grown to envision from the band.  This style reappears on "Tulips" later in the album.  "The Tease" immediately pulled me into the album and held me rapt for the rest of the drive.  The horns are irresistible and that voice of his just adds to the experience, making for the perfect late-night song.  The percussion of Ancestor reminds me of a mellowed-out "Jane Says."  The highlight of the album for me is "Lights," which brings back the horns, features strong drum work, and a long string component at the end.  An instrumental piece continues and I often come back to reality a minute into it wondering how I completely blew through "Lights."  "Tulip" comes with a little more force than the other songs and has a great transition in the mood halfway through.  "Sneaky Bodies" rounds out the EP, slowly bringing me back from the entire experience.

It's taken me so long to write about the album, as it's so hard to try to narrow down their influences and accurately compare their sound.  With two singers and multi-instrumentalists, the band is able to meld many different pieces together across their songs, making each its own experience.  

Their EP was released last summer and Columbus Alive provided a solid background on the band.  While they came from Bobcat rival Miami University, the guys set up shop in Columbus for a while, before moving onto Chicago.  They have a few dates up for this summer, all in Chicago, with hopes of being voted into Lollapalooza.  Semifinalists are determined June 30th, so we'll see if they make the Top Twenty.  

July 2nd at Subterranean
July 24th at Reggie's Rock Club
August 8th at Kinetic Playground

Download the EP from either their website or MySpace and get yourself to one of these shows.  We might be sending my little Brother to check out a show, as it doesn't look like I'm making it to Chicago again for a few months.

Now onto the Bands of Influence part.  I receive a lot of random traffic from the music aggregators, so if you're here to download a song listed below, be sure to download the tracks from the featured artist, Loyal Divide, who names these bands as influences on their sound.  Then if you like them, check out the rest of their music.  

Video for The Tease

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