Monday, June 16, 2008

Live from Bonnaroo! Updates from The Jody

We'll be updating this post all weekend and sending it to the top of the page, whenever we hear from The Jody on her blog-sponsored (but not funded) trip to Bonnaroo.  Wondering what you're missing at Bonaroo?  Check out Our Guide to Bonnaroo.

Sunday Kanye Text Update:  Jody is running low on battery, but texted me that the Kanye story is even better than I could imagine and all the bands can't stand him.  Spin has an update that made me giggle.  (They even use the word debacle!)

Regular readers know how much I love The Blue.  And I had to laugh when I just logged in before climbing into bed to find that someone had posted a round-up of Kanye's best efforts at producing, ghost-producing, creating, etc. from a circle of rap bloggers.  Wonder what they might have to say about their crazy hero's antics this weekend.  

Saturday Wrap-up:  A very weary Jody just checked in with the blog and all she could talk about was how awesome Pearl Jam was last night.  (Note to Dommie:  she couldn't stop raving, you should be very proud.)  The band played from 10:30 - 11:45, then came out for their encore, but it was essentially a second set that lasted forever.  They left the stage and came back for an encore, left again and returned for another encore.  People started to wander off, but the stage lights were still on, so Jody stuck around.  Eddie came out to the mic and kept getting ready to say something, then stopping.  Jody thought he seemed pissed and he finally made a (sarcastic) comment about sticking around for the next act.  

Now to the back story.  Kanye West had demanded earlier in the week that he be moved to the main stage, because the stage that he was assigned to wasn't going to be good enough for his fabulous light show.  Chris Rock even cracked on his enormous ego during his set Friday night.  Well, Kanye was moved to the main stage for 2 am Saturday night/Sunday morning; thus, preventing Pearl Jam from continuing to play all night long.  Well, Kanye didn't even take the stage until 5 am...and I can only imagine that just about NO ONE stuck around for his fabulous light show.  

YAY for Pearl Jam.  BOOO for Kanye.  And the funny thing is, of any artist that I mention, Kanye is the most likely to be sitting at home, googling himself CONSTANTLY, so he might end up here and have a nice little rant.  That would be so entertaining.  Hell, head to the comments and give me your best Kanye impersonation.  Let's make this an interesting Sunday.

Jody is promising lots of photos (which are most likely photos of the video screens) from the weekend.  We'll put her to work on her official wrap-up when she gets back in a few days.

Friday Wrap-up:  After Jody checked in with us, her group headed to the tent shared by her cousin Jill and Newman and chilled there for a while, trying to store up some energy after the drive.  Her day of music started with Willie Nelson, then they had a comedy break with Chris Rock, who was good, but there was a bit of interference.  Next came Metallica, which Jody admits is funny itself.  Luckily, I'm envisioning the metal version of our spectacle at Farm-Aid a few years back during Johnny Cougar's set, as she tells me there was plenty of air guitars and fist-pumping from her friends.  My Morning Jacket finished the night and Jody really, really liked them.  Unfortunately, she and Lauren were nodding off from exhaustion while they were dancing, so it was back to the tents and MMJ will be fully appreciated in Philly in September.

Sleep was not in the cards for them, as there were monsoon-like conditions that night.  They climbed into the tent and Lauren's sleeping bag was drenched from the puddle of standing water beneath it.  Jody's bag stayed dry for another hour, then it was off to the car to catch some sleep for the rest of the evening.  It's now Saturday morning ,the tent has been shaken out and while the sky is overcast, they're hoping for some sun to dry out their fancy accomodations.  Another reason why Kelly and I do not go to Bonnaroo.

Friday Morning:  I returned to the office and a stack of voicemails, but the one from Jody made my morning.  She has arrived in Tennessee, pitched her tent and slept for 23 minutes, as it was too hot to sleep any longer.  Contrary to her pre-trip weather reports, it's 95 degrees in Manchester, but there is a breeze.  Our brave correspondent has brushed her teeth, bathed with baby wipes, eaten a bagel and commenced drinking.  We'll see what she has to report after finally seeing some bands today.  (Note to Jody--people are googling everyone's favorite, Lez Zeppelin, and coming to the blog.  We're getting the word out!)  

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