Monday, June 2, 2008

Jessi's Reading 6.2.8

I did a little Graceland tour after Tommy escaped Memphis on an early flight that first summer.

I was on a running kick and knocking my time down until that crazy morning job took over my routine. I'm planning on getting back into it after the wedding in Boston this weekend. I love running on road trips and will be on a week-long one at the end of the month, so I should be motivated. This guide to running made me giggle at the bluntness and I wanted to forward it on to my favorite social incompetent, but he's still self-conscious about his time from the last race...and probably the one before that. And I'm afraid that he'd yell. So if he finds this, read it!

Andrzej Dragan used photoshop on photos of Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee & Adolf Hitler to show how they would look today. I'm not sure it qualifies her for GILF status...I like to think that if she were still alive today, she would've disappeared into her Zelda Zonk alter ego and no such pictures would be making the rounds.

For those who've known me the past few years, I always have the misfortune of heading to Memphis when it's unbearably hot in the summer. Eric always tells me that if I'd come when it was cooler, I'd enjoy it more. We did have a pretty good time with Schoeb last summer, so I was talking about the town more favorably, until I read that the Shelby County Sheriff and the FBI are instructing all citizens to be alert for supposed terrorists (aka tourists) taking photos of buildings and landmarks. So all those tourists with their cameras aimed at Graceland, the Peabody ducks, the Lorraine Motel, Beale Street, Mud Island where Jeff Buckley died, should be reported. Police state, where we come. There's a reason we pick on the South up here :)

Architecture students are taking on a project at a condemned Buffalo house after the owner couldn't afford to pay the demolition costs. Now two university professors are bringing in their students for an amazing project that slices the house in half, places it on rollers (the lot is empty next door) and the owners can open and close the house as they see fit. Read the article, it's much harder for me to explain.

I found a link on Sarahspy to Color War's YoungMe - NowMe project, where contestants are asked to recreate an old/childhood photo. These brothers were my favorite.

What would a round-up be without the obligatory link from the Blue? Bill Cosby is putting his fabulous sweaters up for charity auction on eBay. I had no idea that one designer was reasonable for all that woolen goodness. I became a big fan of my friend's friend's blog after he threw a Cosby sweater party this spring (their second actually). 95% of the hits on that page are probably from me--I can't get enough of those photos.

My stimulus check still hasn't come and the Undercover Economist is telling me that it's really just a loan I didn't ask for...Yeah, I knew that, but most of America hasn't realized that. Instead, their posting how they spent their check online. I am thankful for the snarky commenters and those that blatantly say ""We bought another savings bond for our grandchildren, who will need it to pay for this stimulus. "

Listen Up:

The Foals - Cassius | zS
The Foals - Mathletics | zS

The Foals cd is mathy and so am I, which is why I was excited by today's date. 6+2=8. I knew that I loved my friend Lauren when she admitted to making math equations out of random number sequences. Thank god we both were at a slightly nerdy college.

On another Foals note, someone saw the cover art for their cd in my room and asked if I drew that. I've always been terrified of the artwork, so I quickly, said, NO--it's an album cover. Would he have quickly run out of the house if that was something I had drawn or did he think I had some hidden talent?

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SARAHSPY said...

im positive that marilyn monroe would NEVER make her face up that way now. she was the epitome of class, and that is just wrong!!

and oh man-- the youngme/nowme plaid pants portrait was not up when i did that post, or else that definitely would've been a favorite of mine, too!!