Friday, June 13, 2008

Jessi's Reading 6.13.8

Happy Friday the 13th!

The Boston Globe is telling stories in the form of a dozen photos each day. Alan Taylor is in charge of the The Big Picture photo blog which focuses on a different global story each day, although the frequency of posts will be slowing down to 2 or 3 a week. I’ve been loving it, so I’m not just sending you to the post, but also promoting the RSS Feed.

For all my friends who have asked for book recommendations in recent weeks, pick the candidate that you identify best with and grab a few suggestions from this NYT feature, in which authors share their literary recommendations for the three (at the time) presidential candidates.

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the creation of the internet with Vanity Fair’s piece. So just how old does that make Al Gore???

Over the last 9 years, I’ve had to deal with quite a bit of torture from my friends for being from Ohio. However, this piece of Ohio lore speaks to the misery of living in Ohio and supporting their sports teams. After years of dire straits, you can’t really blame the (drunk) Cleveland fans for instigating the last forfeit in MLB during 10-Cent Beer Night at Cleveland Municipal Stadium. This promotion was a legend in grad school as we discussed all the ways something could go wrong in most of our classes. Jesse C. Roberson would’ve had a field day with this one during sports law.

“Early on, the demand for beer surpassed the Indians' capacity to ferry it to concession stands, and a luminary, perhaps the same person who suggested the promotion in the first place, decided to allow fans to line up behind the outfield fences and have their cups filled directly from Stroh's company trucks.”

Go Tribe! (Time to gloat: here’s a photo I took at the stadium when the Tribe beat the Yankees to capture the ALDS last fall.) And yes, when Mike Hargrove returned to manage the team in 1991, he hung a photo from 10-Cent Beer Night on his office wall.

Now that Obama is the official presumed candidate for the Democratic party, we can take a step back and analyze how primary/caucus votes were cast in each state by demographics.

Behind the scenes at The Daily Show. The Washington Post interviews Adam Chodikoff, the show’s lead researcher, who is responsible for many of the videos showing politicians contradicting their previous statements. He has a mind like Rain Man and he started in sprots, so there’s hope for me to make the transition to my favorite news shows, led by Colbert & Stewart.

And since we’re on the topic, boring news source, CNN, investigates just who Stephen Colbert is. Eh, they didn’t even write this article, just took it off the AP. When did CNN quit reporting and set it's sites on being an entertainment portal? Pretty soon Pat O'Brien will be the on-air talent giving us a run-down off what members of Senate were wearing and carrying as they walked into the building. Thank you Comedy Central for giving me my news.

Portraits of Phone Sex Operators (NSFW)

A fictitious airline ad for Derrie-Air promises to charge by the pound for passengers and their luggage.

"There's nothing wrong with toting around a little extra mass-as long as you pay for it."

Slate revisited its article from last spring which was released amid the controversy over Sedaris's comedic exaggerations in his books. Leave David Sedaris alone!

A family on 5th Avenue hired architect Eric Clough, 35, to design their apartment renovation around the simple instruction to hide a poem the father had written the family as a sort of time capsule. Clough went well beyond their expectations, even attempting to comission Jonathan Safron Foer to write the book with clues that was hidden in the house. Be sure to check out the slideshow. I loved this article!

This HP ad made me realize that I should maybe keep my HP printer, rather than trying to sell it. It’s caught my attention multiple times as I flipped through the windows on my computer.

Artist Alexi Titarenko creates hauntingly beautiful long-exposure shots of crowds moving through public spaces. The photos create a ghost-like effect, while showing just how shared our common spaces really are.

And since we're on the topic of ghosts, enjoy my favorite ghost themed songs below:

Band of Horses - Is there a Ghost | zS

Cloud Cult - The Ghost Inside our House | zS

The White Stripes - Walking with a Ghost (cover) | zS

Direct download files are up for a short period of time.  Alternative zS download link.

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