Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Daddy Lauer & I last fall

Without a doubt, my Dad deserves all the credit for getting this girl off to a solid musical start.  When I first started this blog, there was something in the About Me section about being raised on a healthy diet of classic rock, early country and the blues.  Daddy Lauer is the one who's solely responsible for that--my mom can only name 7 songs that she likes.  Here's a musical Father's Day Tribute to my Dad for raising me well--in music and everything else.  

A huge Allman Brothers fan, I was named after the sixth track on Brothers and Sisters.  Their records were frequently playing in our house, although it was my younger brother who could only fall asleep to Greg Allman's "I'm No Angel."   Dad and I were able to see the band live at Blossom July 23, 2000 and once Greg's hepatitis clears up, hopefully we'll catch them at their annual New York stand.

I had it BAD for Davey Jones and The Monkees as a child.  For my fifth birthday, I told my parents that the only thing I wanted was Davey Jones.  While they couldn't bring the young, attractive Davey Jones from the show to our house, since he had to be in his 40s or so by then, they did get me concert tickets to see him...and a rising opening act, named Weird Al Yankovic.  Yay for young, hip parents.  
Daddy Lauer introduced me to The Beach Boys when he bought me my first cassette, a greatest hits beach music release, before we left for vacation that year.  That cassette led to many choreographed dance routines and music video creations in our basement over the years.  (And yes, my little Ellen friend still does the California Girls dance at ND football games with me.)

Lynyrd Skynyrd enabled Daddy Lauer to give me a lesson about drugs as I wondered what on earth "That Smell" was about.  And Dad still laughs whenever Hank Williams came on, because little 5 year old Jessi loved to sing those lyrics about the rough and rowdy country life, complete with lots of drinking and screwing.  

There have been plenty of other songs and artists that my Dad has introduced me to, but I'm closing with Bruce Hornsby's Mandolin Rain.  When I moved to Connecticut, Dad made me a mixtape (okay, cd) and that was one that really surprised me and quickly grew into a favorite of mine.

Dad thanks for being such a great influence over the years and now that this is your official introduction to the blog, I hope you like what you find here as much as I've liked the music you've exposed me to over the years.  

Allman Brothers Band - Blue Sky | zS
Bruce Hornsby - Mandolin Rain |  zS

Direct downloads are offered for a limited time.  zS link provided as alternative download.

Oh yeah, Daddy Lauer likes Al Green and Chicago, too.  Here's a clip from a tv special in the 70s, complete with cheesy intro.


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