Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Field Trip Continues: From Austin to Naples

My last day in Austin turned into a successful one.  I roamed the campus and the drag, made it back to my hotel for some quality time at the pool and even managed to develop a tan.  Can I just say that I like myself so much more when there's a little bronze on me?

After the sweaty afternoon at the pool, I got showered up and headed down sixth street for the Islands performance.  Along my way, I spotted a sign for happy hour and knew I'd be back..and I came back for 3 1/2 hours or so.  That bar had a much better crowd than the bars on Sunday night and I found myself eagerly drinking away the hours with the three guys there, who I now need to check out their music online.  My newly-minted Favorite Bartender in Austin, Hunter, has a band whose music has already filled my hotel in Naples and now I have to beg him for the downloads for Self Congratulatory One Man Reach Around.  TJE joined us periodically when we wasn't playing up front and was cool enough to bring me a cd of his and share his pizza.  Can I just say that I wish I knew his real name :)   Adam kept things interesting at the bar, before leading me on a tour of 6th street after Hunter closed up shop.  PS Adam was the chef for Grindhouse and has filed an official dispute about my previous statement that they filmed parts of it at El Gallo.  My concierge is a big liar, apparently.  

I need to get back to Austin at some point and thank god I've found a city that I can speak well of in Texas.  Sorry Houston.  I'm now in Naples for two days, then finally back to my beloved New York.  The Ritz is cutting our power in an hour as they repair the electrical system--seriously Ritz??  It's okay, because this girl needs to get some sleep, so no late night tonight.  


SARAHSPY said...

im enjoying your tales from austin-- i was down there for sxsw, and though i know it's a totally transformed world during that week, i really enjoyed that city & just how condusive it was already to that type of festival. you should try to head down if you can for that! it honestly was one of the best weeks of my entire life, and you seem to feel very similarly about music to how i do!

adam said...

thanks for gracing our fair city and indulging in some monday night fun (even though absinthe taste like yucky licorice). i saw frightened rabbit last night and they rocked!

Jessi said...

at some point i'll make it down for sxsw or acl. i live on the road in september during acl and was in chicago and houston this march. i'm typically horribly jealous that i'm missing it :)

the last week was a blast, but i'm excited to be back in ny/ct and catch up on my sleep...although that never really seems to happen.

maybe i'll see you at the show in brooklyn on wednesday?

Jessi said...

and yes, thanks for a fabulous time on monday...even if i'm swearing off the absinthe for a while. i know what i like and it is not licorice.