Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dimitri Loves Olga - A Voicemail to Compete with Scott Van Pelt's

This is the story of a guy, Dimitri, who is quite a catch, but doesn't understand why the elegant Olga, who he quickly met on the street and received her business card, is not returning his voicemail.  The voicemail made the rounds in our office yesterday, before it was quickly forwarded to my gmail crew.  

Roomie Jeremy tells me he has a Toronto phone number, although the email set the story up as if it were occurring in San Francisco.   Either way, it has made us giggle and also dig up the Scott Van Pelt voicemail.  SVP's voicemail is funny in the 'wow, this sports anchor gets all nervous around people he likes' way that all of us commoners must endure.  Unlike his other ESPN buddy.  

As a side story, the day Deadspin broke that story two summers ago, our office brought a Mister Softee ice cream truck to work before taking everyone to a baseball game that evening.  I was supposed to send out the Mister Softee jingle as a teaser just before the truck arrived.  I'd downloaded it as a randomly numbered wav file shortly after downloading the SVP one and you can guess which one everyone received.  I was frantically running around the office yelling at anyone who could hear me to stop listening to it.  Fortunately, I work in a sports marketing agency, so it was sorta business related and got a lot of laughs.

Here for your pleasure are both of them:

If we get really bored we'll put up the transcript.  For some reason, we're feeling like a transcription service today.  

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