Sunday, June 29, 2008

Brooklyn Concert Week: The Hold Steady 6/29 & Frightened Rabbit 7/2

I'm a little excited for the concerts this week and they're all in Brooklyn!  

I'm grabbing my swimsuit and heading to Brooklyn in a little while for the McCarren Park Pool Parties produced by JellyNYC.  The Hold Steady are playing with The Loved Ones and J Roddy and the Business.  I have been loving Stay Positive for the last month and Boys and Girls have been the soundtrack to a third of my runs for the last year.  We are quite excited for this one!  Let's just hope the music gods are able to convince the rain gods to stay away this afternoon.  Then I'm heading back into Manhattan for a little show this evening.  Only a select few know where to find me tonight.  

Frightened Rabbit are returning to NYC just 5 weeks after their last show at Pianos.  They will be at Southpaw on Wednesday with Oxford Collapse.  And yes, I plan to be in the front row again shooting way too many photos.  Ever since Bobby Clark and the soccer team's tour through Scotland, I love all things from that country.

I've already posted more than enough Frightened Rabbit from Midnight Organ Fight, so we're going back to Sing the Greys for this one.

The Web Sheriff found me, so I had to pull the tracks from The Hold Steady.  They played a great show in Brooklyn though and you can check out my photos and video, which might make up for things.

Recaps of both shows are up:

Frightened Rabbit photos by me.  The Hold Steady photo from google image search-anglophile edition.  

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