Sunday, June 8, 2008

American Sign Language Music Videos

Back in college, Cam took an American Sign Language class and kept promising to teach me. I'm not sure if he still remembers it, but if he could do it like this guy, I'd be all ears...or is it eyes?

Then there's this one, that is anything but sexy. B. Storm interprets Marilyn Manson's New Shit. The intro is pretty long as he explains his take on the controversy surrounding Manson's music. At one point, I randomly clicked forward and was convinced that it was Manson in the video. So creepy, but I couldn't stop watching--it's fabulous.

Little known fact: Marilyn Manson grew up in Canton, Ohio and I've played basketball at his alma mater. Yet another thing to be proud of Ohio for...

The Blue has entertained me once again with this one. There are plenty

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