Monday, June 30, 2008

The Row Will Never Be The Same

We're a little sad tonight.  It was Ebele's last day in the office, leaving just Justin and I to our half of the row.  I love my seat buddies.  And no one throws a better trivia party than Ebele.

Fortunately, the internets will allow the three of us to properly stalk each other in a just slightly creepy way from our different parts of the country.

Soaking Wet at The Hold Steady - Brooklyn 6/29/08

I just got home from the city and The Hold Steady's concert.  Is it okay to admit that my clothes only fully dried in the last hour?  All three bands were fantastic and the rain finally stopped for The Hold Steady's set.  We had started to dry by the time opener J-Roddy Walston and the Business played and it stormed through most of The Loved Ones, but those guys were loving it.  I was just happy to be wearing a swimsuit.  I managed to get front row center for the show, so the videos and photos have a great vantage point.  

This was my first Hold Steady show and they made the afternoon of rain worthwhile.  The boys of Brooklyn/Minnesota were celebrating Tad's birthday, inspiring an impromptu Happy Birthday from the crowd.  I will admit that I was a little jealous of Tad's young daughter, when he brought her onto the back of the stage to enjoy part of The Loved Ones' set.  Then he had me laughing when the band wished him happy birthday and he flipped them off while still holding his daughter in his lap.

The crowd was already alive from The Loved Ones, but were dancing, singing along and waving their arms about just like Craig throughout the show.  I loved that the band hardly talked and kept the music rolling, except for Craig wondering aloud what to get the man who already has everything and decided on a solo--to which Tad jokingly tossed off his guitar before exchanging it for another.  He did take them up on the offer of a solo during "Lord I'm Discouraged" and solo he did on his 12 string.  

The crowd kept asking for "Hoodrat" and it came towards the end of the set.  "Stay Positive" was fantastic and I had one of those moments of wishing I'd taped it, but then being happy to dance and sing along throughout.  And how can you not dance with Craig leading the pack on stage?

Video for Chips Ahoy is below.  My other videos for Navy Sheets, Stuck Between Stations and Lord I'm Discouraged are on my YouTube.

Set List
1.  Constructive Summer
2.  Bangin' Camp
3.  Chips Ahoy
4.  Magazines
5.  Multitude of Casualties
6.  Yeah Sapphire
7.  Navy Sheets
8.  Kooks
9.  Stay Positive
10.  Stuck Between Stations
11.  The Swish
12.  Your Little Hoodrat Friend
13.  How a Resurrection Really Feels
14.  Joke about Jamaica
15.  Sequestered in Memphis
16.  Arms & Hearts
17.  Lord I'm Discouraged
18.  One for the Cutters
19.  Slapped Actress

This band from Philadelphia might have been afraid of dying from a freak electrocution accident, but that didn't stop them from playing.  Two of the guys are from Brooklyn, but singer Dave Hause felt right at home, jumping into the crowd twice.  

Tad joined the band for one of the final songs, while Franz whipped out a harmonica. 
(This band is right up my favorite Canadian's alley, so he better check them out.)

Playing songs from their 2007 release Hail Megaboys, J-Roddy and the Business put the studio tracks to shame with their live show.  Their sound is part 70s whiskey joint, part 50s piano hall.  The crowd didn't really get into it, but they at least kept my attention throughout the set.  

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Brooklyn Concert Week: The Hold Steady 6/29 & Frightened Rabbit 7/2

I'm a little excited for the concerts this week and they're all in Brooklyn!  

I'm grabbing my swimsuit and heading to Brooklyn in a little while for the McCarren Park Pool Parties produced by JellyNYC.  The Hold Steady are playing with The Loved Ones and J Roddy and the Business.  I have been loving Stay Positive for the last month and Boys and Girls have been the soundtrack to a third of my runs for the last year.  We are quite excited for this one!  Let's just hope the music gods are able to convince the rain gods to stay away this afternoon.  Then I'm heading back into Manhattan for a little show this evening.  Only a select few know where to find me tonight.  

Frightened Rabbit are returning to NYC just 5 weeks after their last show at Pianos.  They will be at Southpaw on Wednesday with Oxford Collapse.  And yes, I plan to be in the front row again shooting way too many photos.  Ever since Bobby Clark and the soccer team's tour through Scotland, I love all things from that country.

I've already posted more than enough Frightened Rabbit from Midnight Organ Fight, so we're going back to Sing the Greys for this one.

The Web Sheriff found me, so I had to pull the tracks from The Hold Steady.  They played a great show in Brooklyn though and you can check out my photos and video, which might make up for things.

Recaps of both shows are up:

Frightened Rabbit photos by me.  The Hold Steady photo from google image search-anglophile edition.  

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dimitri Loves Olga - A Voicemail to Compete with Scott Van Pelt's

This is the story of a guy, Dimitri, who is quite a catch, but doesn't understand why the elegant Olga, who he quickly met on the street and received her business card, is not returning his voicemail.  The voicemail made the rounds in our office yesterday, before it was quickly forwarded to my gmail crew.  

Roomie Jeremy tells me he has a Toronto phone number, although the email set the story up as if it were occurring in San Francisco.   Either way, it has made us giggle and also dig up the Scott Van Pelt voicemail.  SVP's voicemail is funny in the 'wow, this sports anchor gets all nervous around people he likes' way that all of us commoners must endure.  Unlike his other ESPN buddy.  

As a side story, the day Deadspin broke that story two summers ago, our office brought a Mister Softee ice cream truck to work before taking everyone to a baseball game that evening.  I was supposed to send out the Mister Softee jingle as a teaser just before the truck arrived.  I'd downloaded it as a randomly numbered wav file shortly after downloading the SVP one and you can guess which one everyone received.  I was frantically running around the office yelling at anyone who could hear me to stop listening to it.  Fortunately, I work in a sports marketing agency, so it was sorta business related and got a lot of laughs.

Here for your pleasure are both of them:

If we get really bored we'll put up the transcript.  For some reason, we're feeling like a transcription service today.  

Teleprompter Blooper = Gruesomely Murdered Co-worker

I woke up this morning to the sounds of Jeremy laughing loudly in his room.  I'd already slept late enough, so I went to investigate and it was worth rolling out of bed.  

The nightly news anchor misses a line in the teleprompter.  Hilarity ensues:

"Good evening.  I'm Ken Bastida.  Dana is off tonight.  He was murdered and then set on fire while celebrating his birthday. The body of [actual deceased victim] was found..."

Sigur Ros & Bjork Concert Webcast

Sigur Ros & Bjork are teaming up for a concert in Iceland today to bring awareness to the aluminum smelting issues in the country.  National Geographic Music is broadcasting the concert live from 3-8 EST.  

(I just tuned in as they started Svefn-G-Englar.)

Head over to Sigur Ros's site for all things Gobbledigook.  

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Loyal Divide (Bands of Influence #1)

I first wrote about Loyal Divide upon FBF's recommendation back in April.  I had their MySpace up and listened through the afternoon, but it wasn't until I trekked up to Boston for the wedding weekend that I was able to really dive into their self-titled EP on both legs of my drive.

The EP begins with "Backes", a slightly more boisterous song than I'd grown to envision from the band.  This style reappears on "Tulips" later in the album.  "The Tease" immediately pulled me into the album and held me rapt for the rest of the drive.  The horns are irresistible and that voice of his just adds to the experience, making for the perfect late-night song.  The percussion of Ancestor reminds me of a mellowed-out "Jane Says."  The highlight of the album for me is "Lights," which brings back the horns, features strong drum work, and a long string component at the end.  An instrumental piece continues and I often come back to reality a minute into it wondering how I completely blew through "Lights."  "Tulip" comes with a little more force than the other songs and has a great transition in the mood halfway through.  "Sneaky Bodies" rounds out the EP, slowly bringing me back from the entire experience.

It's taken me so long to write about the album, as it's so hard to try to narrow down their influences and accurately compare their sound.  With two singers and multi-instrumentalists, the band is able to meld many different pieces together across their songs, making each its own experience.  

Their EP was released last summer and Columbus Alive provided a solid background on the band.  While they came from Bobcat rival Miami University, the guys set up shop in Columbus for a while, before moving onto Chicago.  They have a few dates up for this summer, all in Chicago, with hopes of being voted into Lollapalooza.  Semifinalists are determined June 30th, so we'll see if they make the Top Twenty.  

July 2nd at Subterranean
July 24th at Reggie's Rock Club
August 8th at Kinetic Playground

Download the EP from either their website or MySpace and get yourself to one of these shows.  We might be sending my little Brother to check out a show, as it doesn't look like I'm making it to Chicago again for a few months.

Now onto the Bands of Influence part.  I receive a lot of random traffic from the music aggregators, so if you're here to download a song listed below, be sure to download the tracks from the featured artist, Loyal Divide, who names these bands as influences on their sound.  Then if you like them, check out the rest of their music.  

Video for The Tease

The Verve's New Album - August 19th

This is a post for Tom, who loves the Verve, and insists that I keep him up on all things Verve related.  Their new album comes out August 19th and The Music Slut posted the track listing earlier today.  I'm still not sure how I feel about the sampling on Love is Noise, but check out the video for it, which I was calling Love is Pain, that I recorded at their NYC show in April and I put a few live songs from the show below, too.  

1 Sit & Wonder
2 Love Is Noise
3 Rather Be
4 Judas
5 Numbness
6 I See Houses
7 Noise Epic
8 Valium Skies
9 Columbo
10 Appalachian Springs

O-kay, who'd like a banger in the mouth?

"Right, I forgot, here in the States, you call it a sausage in the mouth."
"We just call it a sausage."

Dear God-

Please let there be an Arrested Development movie.  If you just give us that, Michael Cera could finally be free to not bring George Michael to the big screen in every role he plays...not that we're really upset about that one, anyway.


Okay, okay, I'm realizing already that this is going to be a big ramble about my tv boyfriends.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jason Bateman and I just can't help myself, so I was excited to find this clip of him from Keith Olberman's show.  Keith is my second favorite newscaster boyfriend, but he really deserves the number one position, simply because he plays for my team.  Back to the subject, Bateman is on the show to promote Hancock and my favorite Blue Man comes on the set and they discuss the murmurs of the Arrested Development movie in a slightly promising way, although we've been excited about the prospect for years and will not let ourselves become overly excited by this or let down when it is finally released.  But I'm still about to email my favorite Arrested Development friends.  

Oh yeah, and back to the other tv boyfriends.  

John Stamos - Although meeting a guy and telling him that he looks like John Stamos is not as well received as one would think.  He's gorgeous, sans 80s hair, of course.
Jon Stewart - He's smart, funny and has salt & pepper hair.  I'm hooked.
Jack or Sawyer from Lost - I go back and forth on this based on how whiny Jack is being, although I think that I really appreciate Sawyer's attitude & humor much more, but then feel empathy for Jack.  
Bret from Flight - He's adorable, even in those animal sweaters.
Anderson Cooper - I don't care what you might say about him.  I love him.  And those biceps!  

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Field Trip Continues: From Austin to Naples

My last day in Austin turned into a successful one.  I roamed the campus and the drag, made it back to my hotel for some quality time at the pool and even managed to develop a tan.  Can I just say that I like myself so much more when there's a little bronze on me?

After the sweaty afternoon at the pool, I got showered up and headed down sixth street for the Islands performance.  Along my way, I spotted a sign for happy hour and knew I'd be back..and I came back for 3 1/2 hours or so.  That bar had a much better crowd than the bars on Sunday night and I found myself eagerly drinking away the hours with the three guys there, who I now need to check out their music online.  My newly-minted Favorite Bartender in Austin, Hunter, has a band whose music has already filled my hotel in Naples and now I have to beg him for the downloads for Self Congratulatory One Man Reach Around.  TJE joined us periodically when we wasn't playing up front and was cool enough to bring me a cd of his and share his pizza.  Can I just say that I wish I knew his real name :)   Adam kept things interesting at the bar, before leading me on a tour of 6th street after Hunter closed up shop.  PS Adam was the chef for Grindhouse and has filed an official dispute about my previous statement that they filmed parts of it at El Gallo.  My concierge is a big liar, apparently.  

I need to get back to Austin at some point and thank god I've found a city that I can speak well of in Texas.  Sorry Houston.  I'm now in Naples for two days, then finally back to my beloved New York.  The Ritz is cutting our power in an hour as they repair the electrical system--seriously Ritz??  It's okay, because this girl needs to get some sleep, so no late night tonight.  

Islands at Waterloo Records, Austin

Even if my fate handed me some shitty music days to check out Austin, I was able to see Islands play yesterday at Waterloo Records.  I had planned to go to Emo's to see them that evening if there was any chance of me staying awake.  While I stayed awake, I was a bit distracted the rest of the evening.
The band was ready to go ten minutes before 5, except the sound system wasn't always agreeing with them during sound check and the singer had a bit of anxiety about his run-in with a cactus the night before and the electrical shock that hit him before they started playing.  I was afraid his frustrations were going to hinder the show, but the only hindrance came from some crazy "fan" who kept shouting throughout the set--seriously, you don't need to be that guy.  Shiner Bock was providing free beer and I always forget how much I like it until I'm back in Texas or my guys throw a well-funded Texas Independence Party with a cross state trip to pick up some Shiner Bock.  

Islands tore into "The Arm" to kick off their 7 song set and instructed the audience to check out the Hallelujah Chicken Run Band, which inspired their jam during "J'aime Vous Voir Quitter."  

Oh yeah, the band's Canadian, as if you didn't know that already.  We love all things Canadia.  

Update:  I finally got around to adding the video of "To A Bond" on YouTube.  I'd lost it amongst the files from my road trip.

Set List
1.  The Arm
2.  Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby
3.  Pieces of You
4.  Kids Don't Know Shit
5.  To a Bond
6.  J'aime Vous Voir Quitter
7.  Creeper

Monday, June 23, 2008

Field Trip Continues in Austin with Islands

Austin is my sort of Texas.  I got in yesterday afternoon and visited the capital, roamed 6th Street, put in a little time at the pool, then trekked down Congress for some quality Mexican at El Gallo.  (Note to all you Tarantino fans, a good portion of Grindhouse was filmed there.)  I might have slightly spoiled my appetite when I stopped for dessert before dinner, but it was an airstream trailer with a big cupcake atop it--I had to stop!  Ironically, there was a Magnolia Cafe across the street, invoking images of the Magnolia Bakery.  
Since I chose awful days to visit Austin in terms of the music scene, I was excited to see that Islands are playing Emo's tonight and doing an in-store at Waterloo Records at 5 today.  I'm definitely heading to the in-store and we'll see if I can make it to Emo's with my 3 am wake-up for my flight in the morning.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Woody Wedding Extravaganza

Sudol, Nicole, Weir & I at the River Walk on Friday night.

The Bobcats rolled into San Antonio on Friday for the Woody wedding extravaganza.  While it lacked the scandals of the wedding we do not discuss three years ago (Happy Anniversary Pacinis!), it was a weekend that would make Doc K and the rest of the OU crew proud.  We developed an unhealthy obsession with Pappasitos, endured a horrific cab ride on the way to see Woody, roamed the river walk and put in some quality time at the pool all before the Woody wedding extravaganza.  

The San Antonio highways foiled us again and we ended up late to Woody's wedding, forcing us to watch the bridal party walk down the aisle from the big window at the back of the church, before heading in to lots of laughter once we spotted the craziest photographer (see photo below, complete with head band, knee bad and wrist brace).  The reception was a blast, as we tore it up on the dance floor and had a few outdoor photo sessions.  

Nicole Lee will be getting married in the next 364 days, as she caught the bouquet and would not let it go all night.  Nicole was the Justin Timberlake to my Janet Jackson, resulting in a bit of a wardrobe malfunction on the dance floor. 

Favre and I made friends with the DJ, shortly before booing him for a poor song selection that cleared the dance floor.  We are still a little disappointed that he didn't have Murder on the Dance Floor (or even know what it was), so here it is. 

It was another fantastic Bobcat reunion and hooray for Woody for locking it in for life.  

Sophie Ellis Bextor - Murder on the Dance Floor | zS

Yeah, this is what our Friday night looked like.  

It took someone a very long time to take this photo.  I'd given up and so had Kupper. 

This is Evan.  He'll be graduating from high school next year.  

Our TV show debuts this fall.  You should see the other 37 photos on the rock. 

Nicole Lee was super excited about that bouquet. 

I love a good seer sucker and Weir loves a photographer in a head band. 

Be the tiger, Sudol.

Wardrobe malfunctions could not tear us away from the dance floor.  

Friday, June 20, 2008

R.E.M., Modest Mouse & The National @ MSG Wrap-up

R.E.M. took the stage and played a 27 song set for the crowd at MSG last night, keeping the energy level high and the sold-out crowd dancing.  The band's videographer, Blue Leach, has put together an amazing video show for the tour and last night they debuted the new video for MLK tribute song, "Man-sized Wreath."  Even from my seats at the back of the floor, I couldn't help but continue to take photos as the visuals changed with each song.  

While Tom and I had our fingers crossed for some favorites (Nightswimming, Shiny Happy People, Stand, End of the World, Strange Currencies), the set list included most of the songs from Accelerate (much easier with the quicker songs on this album) and an array of songs from their older albums.  

Jody caught the show in Philly the night before and was disappointed by the lack of political ranting from Michael Stipe in Philly, but he sure had it in him last night, especially when discussing such songs as "Ignoreland", "Houston" and "Man-Sized Wreath", but he wrapped it up with a promising forecast for this November before diving into the final song of the encore, "Man on the Moon."

I wasn't quite as pleased with Modest Mouse's set list, but Isaac and company made up for it with their forceful and dynamic stage presence, made even more so by the two drummers working together (and tossing maracas across the stage).  

While traffic kept us from seeing all of The National's set, it was definitely strange for me to see them in such a large setting after growing used to the small venues with them.  Rushing through the Garden on the way to our seats with their music filling the halls took me back to U2's tour leg opener at ND, when we'd sneak though the athletic center after football practice just to hear Bono's voice filling the arena in the days of practice leading up to the concert.  I love the band's horns and was excited to see Matt dive into the audience in typical fashion during "Mr. November" (dedicated to Obama last night--originally written for Kerry, it seems to fit Barack so much more).   Still don't know what to do without "About Today" at a show, so I'm giving you a past live performance below from their recent release, The Virginia EP.

I really love this picture at its regular size.  The coloring works so well. 

Listen Up:

R.E.M. Set List
1. Living Well Is the Best Revenge  
2. These Days  
3. What's the Frequency, Kenneth?  
4. Bad Day  
5. Drive  
6. Hollow Man  
7. Ignoreland  
8. Man-Sized Wreath  
9. Leaving New York  
10. Disturbance At The Heron House  
11. Houston  
12. Electrolite  
13. (Don’t Go Back To) Rockville  
14. Driver 8  
15. Harborcoat  
16. The One I Love  
17. Until The Day Is Done  
18. Let Me In  
19. Horse To Water  
20. Pretty Persuasion  
21. Orange Crush  
22. I'm Gonna DJ  
23. Supernatural Superserious  
24. Losing My Religion  
25. Begin The Begin  
26. Fall On Me  
27. Man On The Moon

Modest Mouse Set List (I think)
1. ?  
2.  Satin in a Coffin 
3. Dance Hall 
4. Fire It Up 
5. Dashboard 
6. I Came as a Rat 
7. Trucker's Atlas 
8. Education 
9. Paper Thin Walls 
10. Good Times

The National Set List (Second Half)
- Squalor Victoria 
- Secret Meeting 
- Apartment Story 
- Fake Empire 
- Mr. November

Field Trip: We're in Texas!!

Our crew on the first Woody Shuffle in Athens, Ohio

I've landed in San Antonio and half of my Bobcats are already in town for the Woody wedding celebration!  We did an Alamo drive-by on the way to the hotel and have had some burritos and margaritas.  Now it's off to the pool, then we're hitting the river walk for another Sheriff Woody Shuffle. 

Recap of last night's concert will be coming at some point, but head to the youtube to check out some REM video.

Cloud Cult Perform on Last Call - Story of the Grandson of Jesus

It's almost 4 am and I can't figure out this Redlasso and how to meld the two clips together.  At least the networks haven't shut down the service :)  I'm heading to the airport in an hour, so I'll just have to figure it out later and this will have to do for now.  

The painting from the performance will be auctioned on eBay starting this Saturday.  If you don't win the painting, be sure to support the band in other ways--buy their cds and see them on tour if they go on the road again--they do have two upcoming shows in Minnesota.  

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Luke Russert's Tribute to His Dad

Luke Russert's appearance on TODAY with Matt Lauer was so touching Monday morning. I'm amazed by his composure, but it's obvious how well the Russerts have raised him and it at least warms my heart that father and son were able to have such a loving and close relationship, even during their abbreviated time together. The video gave me goosebumps numerous times during the 15 minutes.

On Saturday Bruce Springsteen dedicated Thunder Road to Russert, a huge Boss fan, during his concert in the UK.

Bruce Springsteen - Thunder Road (live) | zS
Bruce Springsteen - You're Missing | zS

Monday, June 16, 2008

Frightened Rabbit Returning to NYC: Southpaw 7/2

Scott tunes up at Pianos last month.

I was checking out Frightened Rabbit's tour schedule the other day and was quite excited to see they'll be back in New York in a few weeks. I quickly headed to Southpaw and bought my ticket for the 7/2 show, where they'll be playing with Brooklyn band, Oxford Collapse. Their show at Pianos in May is in my top 3 shows of the year so far and I can't wait to see them again. †

Listen Up:

A few songs that I recorded from the Frightened Rabbit show at Pianos

Here's my recap from the show on 7.2 with photos, videos and a song from Sing the Greys.

Direct download links are offered until widely discovered. zS links stick around like the strange guy looking for strays at the bar.

Live from Bonnaroo! Updates from The Jody

We'll be updating this post all weekend and sending it to the top of the page, whenever we hear from The Jody on her blog-sponsored (but not funded) trip to Bonnaroo.  Wondering what you're missing at Bonaroo?  Check out Our Guide to Bonnaroo.

Sunday Kanye Text Update:  Jody is running low on battery, but texted me that the Kanye story is even better than I could imagine and all the bands can't stand him.  Spin has an update that made me giggle.  (They even use the word debacle!)

Regular readers know how much I love The Blue.  And I had to laugh when I just logged in before climbing into bed to find that someone had posted a round-up of Kanye's best efforts at producing, ghost-producing, creating, etc. from a circle of rap bloggers.  Wonder what they might have to say about their crazy hero's antics this weekend.  

Saturday Wrap-up:  A very weary Jody just checked in with the blog and all she could talk about was how awesome Pearl Jam was last night.  (Note to Dommie:  she couldn't stop raving, you should be very proud.)  The band played from 10:30 - 11:45, then came out for their encore, but it was essentially a second set that lasted forever.  They left the stage and came back for an encore, left again and returned for another encore.  People started to wander off, but the stage lights were still on, so Jody stuck around.  Eddie came out to the mic and kept getting ready to say something, then stopping.  Jody thought he seemed pissed and he finally made a (sarcastic) comment about sticking around for the next act.  

Now to the back story.  Kanye West had demanded earlier in the week that he be moved to the main stage, because the stage that he was assigned to wasn't going to be good enough for his fabulous light show.  Chris Rock even cracked on his enormous ego during his set Friday night.  Well, Kanye was moved to the main stage for 2 am Saturday night/Sunday morning; thus, preventing Pearl Jam from continuing to play all night long.  Well, Kanye didn't even take the stage until 5 am...and I can only imagine that just about NO ONE stuck around for his fabulous light show.  

YAY for Pearl Jam.  BOOO for Kanye.  And the funny thing is, of any artist that I mention, Kanye is the most likely to be sitting at home, googling himself CONSTANTLY, so he might end up here and have a nice little rant.  That would be so entertaining.  Hell, head to the comments and give me your best Kanye impersonation.  Let's make this an interesting Sunday.

Jody is promising lots of photos (which are most likely photos of the video screens) from the weekend.  We'll put her to work on her official wrap-up when she gets back in a few days.

Friday Wrap-up:  After Jody checked in with us, her group headed to the tent shared by her cousin Jill and Newman and chilled there for a while, trying to store up some energy after the drive.  Her day of music started with Willie Nelson, then they had a comedy break with Chris Rock, who was good, but there was a bit of interference.  Next came Metallica, which Jody admits is funny itself.  Luckily, I'm envisioning the metal version of our spectacle at Farm-Aid a few years back during Johnny Cougar's set, as she tells me there was plenty of air guitars and fist-pumping from her friends.  My Morning Jacket finished the night and Jody really, really liked them.  Unfortunately, she and Lauren were nodding off from exhaustion while they were dancing, so it was back to the tents and MMJ will be fully appreciated in Philly in September.

Sleep was not in the cards for them, as there were monsoon-like conditions that night.  They climbed into the tent and Lauren's sleeping bag was drenched from the puddle of standing water beneath it.  Jody's bag stayed dry for another hour, then it was off to the car to catch some sleep for the rest of the evening.  It's now Saturday morning ,the tent has been shaken out and while the sky is overcast, they're hoping for some sun to dry out their fancy accomodations.  Another reason why Kelly and I do not go to Bonnaroo.

Friday Morning:  I returned to the office and a stack of voicemails, but the one from Jody made my morning.  She has arrived in Tennessee, pitched her tent and slept for 23 minutes, as it was too hot to sleep any longer.  Contrary to her pre-trip weather reports, it's 95 degrees in Manchester, but there is a breeze.  Our brave correspondent has brushed her teeth, bathed with baby wipes, eaten a bagel and commenced drinking.  We'll see what she has to report after finally seeing some bands today.  (Note to Jody--people are googling everyone's favorite, Lez Zeppelin, and coming to the blog.  We're getting the word out!)  

Sunday, June 15, 2008

MGMT Weekend

I haven't been able to get MGMT out of my head all weekend. I haven't had it this bad for the band since March, but Friday was definitely an Electric Feel evening.  Oracular Spectacular is an On playlist all it's own.

I'm hoping that there will be some videos online from Bonnaroo, but until then, we have the crazy energy of their "Kids" performance at SXSW, which is an absolute favorite of mine, plus there's always their new video for "Electric Feel" in hi-def.  

The guys are heading to Europe for the next month and of course are playing the McCarren Pool Parties the same day as the Boss concert.  I'll keep my fingers crossed for some more shows around Brooklyn that weekend.  


Listen Up:  

Direct Downloads are offered for a limited time.  The zS link stays around longer, like that guy who just won't leave your party.

Sidetracked! Jessi Heads to Boston for the Hammer Wedding

After a late night in the city and even later phone calls, I grabbed an hour or so of sleep, before heading to Boston for the Hammer wedding. I was still a little bummed that I couldn't head to India and support Neelay during his wedding services (and how fun would I have been in a sari in a foreign country). Luckily, the wedding went well beyond my expectations. It was a mini-manager reunion with Ned, Chrissy, Kelly, Molly, Toby and Ellen, making the trek to witness the Hammer wedding. A few spouses and significant others contributed to the fun. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Hammer loves him some Journey and ran from a scenic shot at sunset to come sing, "Don't Stop Believin'."

Journey - Don't Stop Believin' | zS

Direct downloads are available for a limited time. zS link provided as alternative download.