Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Teenagers & Team Robespierre at Maxwell's 5.10.08

Team Robespierre
I made it into the Team Robespierre set at Maxwell's a little late last week, as I'd stopped to drop my things off and grab a beer with Perry before heading uptown. The band definitely had the crowd going when I came in, as the guys were climbing all over the stage and jumping into the crowd. They're on my list to see again this summer in Brooklyn. (Side note: one of the band members looks like Charlie from Always Sunny and while I might have taken a few too many photos of him in Mel fashion, I kept my mouth shut about it when I ran into him after the show.)

The Teenagers
This was the last stop on The Teenagers' North American tour before heading home to Europe. I stand by my statement that Feeling Better feels like the perfect 80s cartoon theme song for a show about the band. Quentin, in typical fashion, invited some girls from the crowd on stage to sing the girl parts of Homecoming (god, even that sounds dirty). Thankfully, the trio tours with two girls on keys and drum, who were able to carry the song. He then jumped into the crowd to close the set with Streets of Paris and you'll see in the photo below that the guys from Team Robespierre and what might have been their PR people ran up to help sing along. And speaking of fashion, check out his fabulous Bart Simpson t-shirt. It was a fun evening in Hoboken and I have to thank my guy at Rebel, Rebel for inspiring me to hit the show.

Set List:
Feeling Better
Fuck Nicole
No Love
Starlett Johansson
French Kiss
Make it Happen
Streets of Paris

Videos are in black and white--the lighting made it too hard to shoot in color.

French Kiss

Starlett Johansson

The Teenagers - No Love (live).mp3
The Teenagers - Homecoming (live).mp3
The Teenagers - French Kiss (live).mp3
The Teenagers - Starlett Johansson (live).mp3

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