Sunday, May 18, 2008

Stuck in My Head: Late Night Performances & Covers

While I'm usually not one for female singers, I haven't been able to stop playing these videos of Feist on the Colbert Report and She & Him on Craig Ferguson. Check them out and then grab the mp3s of my favorite covers by each.

Feist - I Feel it All

She & Him - Change is Hard

The Constantines & Feist - Islands in the Stream (cover).mp3
I first wrote about this over a month ago, but it remains a favorite of mine from the spring.

She & Him - You Really Got A Hold on Me (cover).mp3
Can I just say that I used to have a Disney cartoons video cassette that featured music videos of Motown classics and this song by the Miracles was one of my favorites on the tape? I have to ask Daddy Lauer what might have happened to it, but thank Papa Dave (I think it was him) for this present which clued Little Jessi into what good music actually is. I love their version of this song and anything by Zooey Deschanel reminds me of my favorite Japanese exchange student, Tetsuro, and his love of all things Zooey that started before Elf was even over.

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