Sunday, May 18, 2008

Silent All This Week

The early morning shift has really taken a toll on me and has kept me from writing, but it's been a really good last week. On Tuesday I found out that the awful medicine that I've been battling with for the last two years finally worked its magic and the small tumor in my head has vanished.

Last weekend I headed into the city on Saturday and ran into one of my early morning co-workers in Chelsea, then roamed across town taking photos through the Flat Iron, down a street festival through Union Square, ended up in SoHo and realized that I was on Prince Street and only a block away from the Morrison Hotel Gallery.
They had a great exhibit of of Herman Leonard's "Jazz Giants" and I found it oddly fitting that Perry texted me right as I was looking at a portrait of Einstein. Everytime that I see a great photography exhibit, I grow a bit envious that I never took up photography seriously. There was still time for dinner before heading to Hoboken, so I roamed over to the West Village to complete the Jeff Charzan experience at Barbuto.
It was a beautiful evening and was great to sit outside, drink a glass of wine and indulge in their cooking. I trusted my waiter, Tim, to choose everything from my wine to my food to desert. The staff certainly lived up to Jeff's ravings about how wonderful and friendly everyone is at the restaurant. While I like to pretend that I could see the Palazo Chupi from my seat, there was a building in the way. Oh well, enjoy the visual as I saw it in my head:
From there I headed to Hoboken for a concert and to visit Perry. Someday that boy will come to Stamford or I might have to kick his ass, the threat of which should strike fear in his heart. He was still away on his golf adventure, so I hung out by the water for a while to snap photos of the New York skyline and got a fabulous one of the train station.
On Sunday I headed back to New York for a day with Brett. We share a love of Venezuelan food and he'd texted me that morning to say he'd already picked out the perfect spot for lunch at Caracas Arepa Bar in the East Village. The restaurant was so very slender, but the food was fabulous and the sun was streaming through the window. We're still not sure who two of the three bobble heads are from the restaurant, so if you know who anyone is besides Hugo Chavez, let us know.
From there, we headed to Hop Devil Grill to sample plenty of beers and then onto the show at Pianos. I wearily arrived home around 1030 for a few hours of sleep that night...which ended up being much more than I would get the next night. I've only got 4 more days of the early shift and I cannot wait to be done with it, although I am going to miss seeing everyone at 5 am everyday.

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