Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sidetracked! The Tribe Takes on the Yankees

Even in sleep deprivation mode, I couldn't pass up Benjamin's offer to join him for the Yankees-Tribe game Tuesday night. As the train rolled up to the stadium, I was reliving my last Indians-Yankees game when the Tribe clinched the ALDS. The Yankee fans were just slightly nicer this time around.

Our seats used to be just beyond first base, but we're moving closer to home plate--still in the cheap seats, of course. It was wonderful to catch up with Benjamin and Alliance, Ohio was well represented--Randi was at the game and a girl that I'd gone to elementary and high school with, but hadn't seen in 11 years spotted me outside while I was waiting on Ben. So random.

The Tribe captured the victory, making all my Ohio friends proud and my New York friends had a reason to hate me for a few nights. I'm going to miss this stadium and refused to take any photos of the new one.

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