Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sidetracked! Fate takes me to Palazzo Chupi

I've been attempting to hit a restaurant in the Village for a few weeks now, but keep changing my plans for the day. Yesterday, I finally realized why fate had been pulling me to the restaurant--it's just a few blocks from Palazzo Chupi!

This brought about excited jumping, the kind of which hasn't been seen for a few weeks, at least. Kelly was immediately called, as she's the only person besides the kids at Daily Intel who would understand my excitement. I did a full lap around the block taking pictures and while the street was empty of on-lookers when I started, I noticed as I took a close-up look at the entrance, that there were suddenly 7 people across the street looking up at the Palazzo. My jumping and crazy photography caused a bit of intrique.

In my excitement, I never managed to eat at the restaurant, which means another reason to watch for the Schnabulous when I finally eat there. At this point, fate won't let me down.

The Schnabulous One does not like it when you park in front of his garage.

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