Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Loom Really Surprise Me at nyctaper Anniversary Show

Last Sunday, I made my way out of Hoboken and met Brett in the city for an afternoon of arepas, beers and music. We made our way out of the bar just in time for the show at Pianos, but it got off to the late start I'd expected at Maxwell's the night before. We grabbed drinks and were settling into the bar in the back when I was randomly spotted for the third time that day. John Fanning, lead singer/guitarist for The Loom, had found the blog and was ready for my appearance. While I'd found his website, I think it can be fairly argued that he looks slightly different from our days together at ND. It was great to run into him and after begging for musical updates from Conte and Pete about his work, it was even better to get to see him play live. (Thanks again, musical gods.)

While you might expect me to say that they were the musical highlight of the concert, Brett will back me up about it. Their collective brought a spirited performance to Pianos, which even made their mothers proud. Brett and I might have snapped as many photos of the proud parents, who were celebrating Mother's Day at the show, as we took of the band.

The Loom is returning to Pianos on 5/29 to play with Dead Confederates, who hail from my second-favorite Athens. Their live set from last weekend can be downloaded from nyctaper.


nyctaper said...

Heh, now I know why I like both of you. I went to ND too, but probably long before you guys did.

Jessi said...

I love the Irish connection! I had a good time at the show last week and had been meaning to email you about it and the randomness of John being there, but it's been a crazy week. I'll have to catch up with you at another show.