Friday, May 23, 2008

I Want Alexandra Patsavas's Job

For a while I watched Grey's to have a good cry, as it was guaranteed to get me once every few weeks. But then I found that the driving force was to hear what music they'd be playing each week. I always seem to take it as a musical victory when I've already got a song in my collection that makes it onto the show. That Jamie Lidell song from a few weeks back? Picked up the album in the city the week before (although the show has already been a fan of his from season 2). I have to admit that I the music gods might have been at play last week when musical supervisor, Alexandra Patsavas, threw songs from my musical obsessions of the last year, The National & Bon Iver, into the same show. Last night's episode, which I got home way too late to watch, hooked me with Bryn Christopher's "The Quest".

I've got my eyes on this desk...

Thankfully, Alexandra Patsavas doesn't operate like MTV and throw whatever song might garner the most votes on TRL onto the show's soundtracks. (Before Nick Brown yells at me, I have to put in a plug for Missy Higgins' "Where I Stood", which was featured on the season finale of The Hills. He tells me it was good, not that he watches that or anything.) I never watched The OC, but loved what she did, especially the incorporation of Imogen Heap's songs in the season finales. What I wouldn't give to get Patsavas and Zach Braff on my patio to discuss indie music over a few bottles of wine on a sunny afternoon.

La Blogotheque
has filmed both featured songs by The National & Bon Iver. Check those out and be sure to listen to more below...

Jamie Lidell - Little Bit of Feel Good.mp3
The National - About Today.mp3
Bon Iver - The Wolves (Act I & II).mp3
Bryn Christopher - The Quest.mp3
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If you like Bryn Christopher's song, be sure to pick up his album which will be released June 9th in the UK (label: PolydorRecords).

(Note to Kelly: A-ha is on their label! And the label's website is playing Van Morrison's Soul. God, how I love that man's voice.)

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Anonymous said...

You are spot on! She has such an amazing knack for picking music that evokes exactly the right mood. I'm hoping the Bryn Christopher CD will be available here in the States soon because I'd love to hear more.