Friday, May 23, 2008

How American Idol Predicts a Democratic Victory in November

This year started with me in a political euphoria. I'd been so excited by the feelings of hope and change sweeping the country and it seemed imminent. But then the primaries never stopped and I just can't wait for the DNC to take place at this point.
Nothing in the press really gets me excited about the race now, as I just need the party to name the candidate to go against McCain. At least the talk is now focusing on Obama's VP selection and my Obama Hawaii sticker sticker is making me smile again at work. However, Slate saved the day once again, relating David Cook's American Idol victory to a Democratic victory in November. Finally, a reason to thank American Idol, a show that I still don't understand and haven't since I returned from Scotland in August of 2002 to find my roommates and the rest of the country swept up in Idol Fever. And they were worried about me getting mad cow!

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