Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Hoodrat Gets in Trouble Again...AND Is Upstaged by a 5 year old!

I caught this video of a 5 year old in Jamestown, NY, dashing out of his grandmother's house and taking her truck for a spin last week in Tommy's office--how good is it when he has to hoist himself into the truck?

It made our day and reminded me of a guy I used to know from Jamestown, who always explained that his town was the one where the guy with AIDS knowingly infected 20+ women. At least Eric has something different to reference now.

Amazingly, the 5 year old escaped with only an injured arm after hopping the curb, down a 12 foot embankment and hitting a brick wall. Fortunately, too, his family didn't think it wise to expose him to the media, unlike our poor Latarian Milton. Seeing that this kid was stealing cars at a much earlier age than everyone's favorite hoodrat made me want to see what he was up to...unfortunately, his brush with grand theft auto hasn't taught him any lessons.

From what I've found online, Latarian started a fight with his grandma in Wal-Mart after he asked her for chicken wings and she refused. He then ordered them anyway and started to physically attack her when she confronted him. After this incident, the police picked him up for a 48 hour mental evaluation. Like I said before, the first 17 seconds of his video were funny, then it just became incredibly sad. I'm glad that the grandmother is finally taking a stand, but it's going to take quite a while to correct the negative effect that his parents have had on him.

As a final aside, McSweeney's posted some good advice from the latest Grand Theft Auto Dating FAQ. And because I love all things McSweeney's (check out their recommendations!), Believer Magazine, & Dave Eggers, I think I'm going to head to Brooklyn to check out the 826NYC SuperHero Supply Store this weekend. For any of you looking for some art, John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants will be the guest auctioneer at 826NYC's art show charity event tomorrow night in Chelsea (5.22 at 525 W. 19th St.).

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