Thursday, May 29, 2008

Guest Spot: Jody Catches 6 Day Bender in Asbury Park

Guest Spot: Jody
I never got to be a guest-blogger on The Backroom, so I am overjoyed to be the first guest writer for Jessi’s music blog. I’m very nervous that my post will suck and that Jessi will edit the crap out of it, but I will try my best. (Ed. Note: No one is as terrified of Jessi's strength, as Jody.)

When I told Jessi that I was heading to see my cousin’s band play, she immediately gave me an assignment for The Blog. Corey’s band, Six Day Bender, played at The Saint in Asbury Park a few weeks ago. So the whole Donofrio family, plus my hippie friend Lauren, made the trip. Asbury Park, as a take-off point for bands, seems to have worked out fairly well in the past (to say the least), so I think we were all pretty excited for Corey and the bandmates. After the requisite pre-concert beers, we headed over to The Saint ready to get down.

The Saint is a dump, in every sense of the word. However, it’s an awesome place to see live music. It’s close and cramped and the sound is great. Six Day Bender started the night off with “Devil Lets You Dance,” which is my favorite tune off their new album. It got the entire crowd moving and dancing, and the boys didn’t let up for the rest of the night. Unfortunately, Jessi’s instructions did not include anything about a specific set-list, nor have I memorized any track names, so knowing the first song is the best I did (it doesn’t help I suppose that this blog post is about a month overdue). I thought the entire show was excellent, it far exceeded all of my expectations. I thought the boys played really tight and were very well put together. I tried to think of who their stage presence resembled, and for some reason, I am really struck by the comparison of The Band. That’s what their simple, clean look reminds me of. Their music is pure mountain rock, with a little funk and a little jammy-ness and a whole lot of fun. Naturally, I highly recommend giving these guys a listen. Go check them out live; they love having new fans in the crowd.

Don’t worry, for my next blog assignment, I will have video and a set-list. And maybe I’ll end up backstage.

(Ed. Note: We salute the Jody for her dedication to her guest spot, even if it is a month overdue. We're sending Jody to Bonnaroo on her own dime as she has the gumption to actually exist for days in a row without showering. I prefer Lolla or Pitchfork, where I can shower and sleep in a bed each night.)

The blog loves a lot of things, but today we're bringing you photos of two of our favorites: Moms & Moustaches. Here's Corey's Mom-Crazy Aunt Karen, her sister/Jody's mom Elaine and Jody's Sister Amy. And then a mountain moustache.
My Earlier Introduction to 6 Day Bender

Listen Up:

6 Day Bender - Devil Let's You Dance

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