Friday, May 30, 2008

The Boss Sighting at Carter & Cavero

The Boss was spotted at Carter & Cavero in Red Bank, NJ a few weeks back, which got me really excited. I have been loving their olive oils and vinegars since Sam shared some bottles with me around the holidays. Since then I've ordered more bottles and love to pass them along to those who love bread, wine and cheese as much as me. (Love the Red Apple and Pomegranate Balsamics and the Blood Orange and Hojiblanca Olive Oils.) While Sam didn't have any photos of the Boss in the store, he assured me that he is also a fan of the Hojiblanca. If you're in the area, be sure to check out their store at 19 Monmouth Street, where you can sample all the oils and vinegars, then have your selections bottled in one of their beautifully etched black bottles.
(Can you pick out Sam in the picture?)

And since I'm writing about the Boss, my mind has already drifted back to the days when my affections were torn between three men: Bruce, David Byrne and Davey Jones, who I asked for on my fifth birthday and received tickets to The Monkees concert (close enough, parents). I was a few months shy of 3 years old when Born in the U.S.A was released (June 4th, 1984), but the album was so good that it remained a seminal part of my childhood in the years that followed. Bruce deserves all the credit in the world for my love of those guys who can fill out (the back of) their jeans...I also thought his ball cap was a boxing glove for some strange reason, so maybe that explains my love of a good bout, too.

My parents could often find 5 year old Jessi in the basement of our old house singing and dancing to the album's songs. When my brother, his girlfriend and I vacationed with our parents last spring, I remember filling everyone in on how I used to turn out the overhead lights, lift the needle and carefully drop it in the groove for "I'm on Fire." Bruce would ask me in that voice of his,

"Hey little girl is your daddy home/Did he go away and leave you all alone?"

Sometimes I'd lie and say, "Don't worry Bruce. Dad left and won't be home for hours." In my naivete, I thought Bruce just wanted to chill, sing me some songs, maybe talk about my favorite shows, Knight Rider and M.A.S.H.. Naturally, the next line, hell the rest of the song, always left me confused from the moment he sang, "I've got a bad desire/I'm on Fire." While I didn't know what he was really getting at, I knew he was a bad boy and that made me keep playing that album and staring at the cover with those blue jeans even more. (And in one post, we have figured out my tendencies with guys.)

My sister beat me to seeing the Boss a few years back, but my ND friends and I have tickets to see him July 27th at Giants Stadium, as he and the E Street Band return from the tour in Europe. Although saying see him might be a stretch, I have a feeling that we're in the very last row :) Nevertheless, there will be much dancing and possible some swaying during "Rosalita."

My Ellen is a huge Bruce fan and was invited to be a guest DJ on satellite radio and introduce her favorite 5 Bruce songs. She promises one day to share this recording with the me for a blog exclusive, but we live hours away from each other, so this might take awhile.

Listen Up:
Bruce Springsteen: I'm on Fire
Bruce Springsteen: My City of Ruins (Live: Asbury Park Benefit Concert)
(I'd previously written about this being the first live performance of the song and 5 months later, the saxophone still gets me.)

I feel like Daddy Lauer is going to find the blog any day now, so if you do Dad, just don't tell Mom about this and go here to enjoy this concert from the show at MSG. I'm listening to it as I type and it gets me excited for the show in a few months. And Dan, this might be a little too much info for you, as well.


nyctaper said...

I'll be at one of the Giants Stadium shows too!

Anonymous said...

Carter & Cavero is an amazing store... Everyone should check it out immediately!!! Bruce isn't half bad too.

Anonymous said...

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