Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Verve Plays the Theater at MSG 4.29.8

Tom and I took a pretty quick drive into the city last night to catch The Verve at the Theater at MSG. We'd found out about tickets two weeks ago when there were only seats in the 300 sections. Last week they slashed those ticket prices in half and suddenly the 200 section was widely available for seats. We're a bit suspicious of these tactics, Ticketmaster.

Thankfully, Tom talked me into going, as it was a really enjoyable show and after the small venues that I'd been in recently, it felt like a huge experience. If only the people in our section would have stood up and danced, but that didn't stop us. Fortunately, the two girls behind us were huge fans and quickly jumped up, too, which led to a column two people wide standing in our section and everyone else seated. This might be why I love the small venues with no seating, it at least forces everyone to stand.

Ironically, as I type this, Ben Harper's Drugs Don't Work from Live from Mars started playing in shuffle mode. The music gods are smiling on me again.

Bittersweet Symphony

Check out the new song, Love is Pain, and Lucky Man on my YouTube video page. I'll try to post the audio files later, too.

Set List
A New Decade
This Is Music
Space & Time
Life's An Ocean
Already There
Weeping Willow
Sit and Wonder
The Rolling People
Velvet Morning
Drugs Don't Work
Lucky Man
Come On

Bittersweet Symphony
Love Is Pain

Song Highlights: Sonnet (what can I say, this girl likes a ballad), Drugs Don't Work, Velvet Morning, Come On.

The Verve - Sonnet (live at the Theater at MSG).mp3
The Verve - Lucky Man (live at the Theater at MSG).mp3
The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony (live at the Theater at MSG).mp3
The Verve - Love is Pain (live at the Theater at MSG).mp3

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